Training Archive

Below you will find links to the slides and recordings of presentations given at prior OLCF training events.

Batch Schedulers & Job Launchers


Summit Resource Scheduler and Job Launcher (Chris Fuson, OLCF): (slides | recording)


Intro to Batch Scheduler & Job Launcher (Chris Fuson): slides, recording

Debugging and Profiling

Arm Forge Tools – DDT and MAP (Nick Forrington): slides, recording (part 1), recording (part 2), recording (part 3)
Debugging (Arm DDT) (Nick Forrington, ARM): (video)
Arm MAP/Performance Reports (Nick Forrington, ARM): (video)
Score-P / Vampir (Ronny Brendel): slides, recording

File Systems & Data Transfers


Storage Areas & Data Transfers (George Markomanolis, OLCF): (slides | video)
Spectrum Scale – GPFS (George Markomanolis, OLCF): (slides | video)
NVMe / Burst Buffers (George Markomanolis, OLCF): (slides | video)
NVMe / Burst Buffers (Chris Zimmer, OLCF): (slides | video)


File Systems and Data Transfers (Tom Papatheodore): slides, recording

ML/DL Frameworks

ML/DL Frameworks on Summit (Junqi Yin, ORNL): (slides | video)


SHARP & Adaptive Routing (Chris Zimmer): slides, recording
Network Features & MPI Tuning (Chris Zimmer, OLCF): (slides | video)

OLCF Systems

Summit System Overview (Scott Atchley, OLCF): (slides | recording)
NVIDIA V100 (Jeff Larkin, NVIDIA): (slides | video)
IBM P9 (Brian Thompto, IBM): (slides | video)
IBM P9 SMT Deep Dive (Brian Thompto, IBM): (slides | video)

Practical Tips

Practical Tips for Running on Summit (David Appelhans, IBM): (slides | recording)


Basic Programming

Intro to C (Tom Papatheodore): slides, recording
Intro to Fortran (Bronson Messer): slides, recording

Parallel Programming

Intro to Parallel Computing (John Levesque): slides, recording
Intro to OpenMP (Dmitry Liakh and Markus Eisenbach): slides, recording (part 1), recording (part 2)
Intro to MPI (Brian Smith): slides, recording

GPU Programming

Intro to GPU Computing (Jeff Larkin): slides, recording
Intro to CUDA (Jeff Larkin): slides, recording
Intro to OpenACC (Steve Abbott): slides, recording
Programming Methods for Targeting Summit’s Multi-GPU Nodes (Jeff Larkin & Steve Abbott): slides
CUDA Unified Memory (Steve Abbott, NVIDIA): (slides | recording)
CUDA Unified Memory (Jeff Larkin, NVIDIA): (slides | video)
GPU Direct, RDMA, CUDA-Aware MPI (Steve Abbott, NVIDIA): (slides | video)
Targeting Summit’s Multi-GPU Nodes (Steve Abbott, NVIDIA): (slides | video)
GPU-Accelerated Libraries (Jeff Larkin, NVIDIA): (slides | video)
NVIDIA Profilers (Jeff Larkin, NVIDIA): (slides | video)
Introduction to NVIDIA Profilers on Summit (Tom Papatheodore, OLCF & Jeff Larkin, NVIDIA): (slides)
Using V100 Tensor Cores (Jeff Larkin, NVIDIA): (slides | video)
Mixing OpenMP & OpenACC (Lixiang “Eric” Luo, IBM): (slides | video)

Programming Environment


Summit Programming Environment – February 2019 (Matt Belhorn, OLCF): (slides | recording)
Summit Programming Environment (Matt Belhorn, OLCF): (slides | video)
Python on Summit (Matt Belhorn, OLCF): (slides | recording)
Python Environments (Matt Belhorn, OLCF): (slides | video)


Programming Environment (Matt Belhorn): slides, recording

Programming Methods

Programming Methods for Summit’s Multi-GPU Nodes (Jeff Larkin & Steve Abbott, NVIDIA): slides, recording (part 1), recording (part 2)

Summit Porting Experiences

CAAR Porting Experience: LS-DALTON (Ashleigh Barnes, OLCF): slides
CAAR Porting Experience: RAPTOR (Ramanan Sankaran, OLCF): (slides | recording)
CAAR Porting Experience: FLASH (Austin Harris, OLCF): (slides | recording)
CAAR Porting Experience: QMCPACK (Andreas Tillack, OLCF): (slides | video)
Directive-Based GPU Programming (Oscar Hernandez, OLCF): ( video)
E3SM Application Readiness Experiences on Summit (Matt Norman, OLCF): (video)
Experiences Using the Volta Tensor Cores on Summit (Wayne Joubert, OLCF): (video)
Experiences Porting/Optimizing Codes for Acceptance Testing (Bob Walkup, IBM): (slides | video part 1 | video part 2)
Experiences Porting XGC to Summit (Ed D’Azevedo, OLCF): (slides | video)
Summit Node Performance (Wayne Joubert, OLCF): (video)
Targeting GPUs Using GPU Directives on Summit with GenASiS: A Simple and Effective Fortran Experience (Reuben Budiardja, OLCF): slides | video)

Text Editors

Intro to vim (Jack Morrison): slides, recording


Intro to UNIX (Bill Renaud): slides, recording
Advanced UNIX & Shell Scripting (Bill Renaud): slides (same slides as Intro to UNIX), recording

Version Control

Intro to git (Jack Morrison and James Wynne): slides, recording

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