Andes Cluster

Andes is a (704)-node commodity-type Linux® cluster. Andes provides a conduit for large-scale scientific discovery via pre- and post-processing of simulation data generated on Summit. Each of Andes’s 704 nodes contain two 16-core 3.0 GHz AMD EPYC processors and 256GB of main memory. Andes also has nine large memory GPU nodes. These nodes each have 1TB of main memory and two NVIDIA K80 GPUs with two 14-core 2.30 GHz Intel Xeon processors with HT Technology. Andes is connected to the OLCF’s high performance GPFS® filesystem, Alpine.

Specifications and Features

  • Architecture: Commodity-type Linux® cluster
  • Processors:
    • – default partition: dual 16-core AMD® EPYC® 16-core @ 3.0 GHz
    • – gpu partition: dual 14-core Intel® Xeon® E5-2695 @ 2.3 GHz
  • Nodes: 704
  • Cores/node:
    • – default partition: 32
    • – gpu partition: 28
  • Total cores: 22,528
  • Memory/node:
    • – default partition: 256GB
    • – gpu partition: 1TB
  • Memory/core:
    • – default partition: 8GB
    • – gpu partition: 36.5GB
  • Interconnect: 4X FDR Infiniband, 56GB/s max
  • GPUs: NVIDIA® K80

System Support

The System User Guide is the definitive source of information about Andes, and details everything from connecting to running complex workflows. Please direct questions about Andes and its usage to the OLCF User Assistance Center by emailing

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