The physical world is governed by laws describing how matter and energy interact at scales ranging from the smallest particles to the entire universe. Physicists are using the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility’s enormous computing power to reveal the nature of matter at its most elusive—from the behavior of the quarks, electrons, and other fundamental particles that make up atoms and everything we know, to the workings of the molecules made up of those atoms.


High-Fidelity Simulation of Tokamak Edge Plasma Transport

Principal Investigator: Choong-Seock Chang, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
129,000,000 hours


Linkages between Turbulence and Reconnection Kinectic Plasmas

Principal Investigator: William Daughton, Los Alamos National Laboratory

86,000,000 hours


Cosmological Simulations for Large-Scale Sky Survey

Principal Investigator: Salman Habib, Argonne National Laboratory

100,000,000 hours


Lattice QCD

Principal Investigator: Paul Mackenzie, Fermilab

100,000,000 hours


Three-Dimensional Simulations of Core-Collapse Supernovae with Chimera

Principal Investigator: Eric Lentz, The University of Tennessee

85,000,000 hours


Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Reactions

Principal Investigator: James Vary, Iowa State University

104,000,000 hours


Probing Dark Matter at Extreme Scales

Principal Investigator: Michael Warren, Los Alamos National Laboratory

80,000,000 hours


Petascale Simulations of Type 1a Supernovae

Principal Investigator: Stan Woosley, University of California Santa Cru

50,000,000 hours

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