Wombat is a single rack cluster based on the 64-bit ARM architecture. This system is available to support computer science research projects aimed at exploring the ARM architecture. Appropriate research topics could include, but are not limited to, functionality testing of research software and prototypes, power-efficiency evaluations, and efforts to improve the system software, runtime support and the programming environment for ARM architecture based systems.

The Wombat cluster is a heterogeneous cluster with 28 compute nodes in three different configurations. The four oldest nodes are based on Marvell ThunderX2 processors plus Nvidia Volta GPU’s. These nodes have 64 CPU cores, 2 GPU’s and 256GiB of system RAM. Sixteen more compute nodes are based on the Fujitsu A64fx processor. This CPU has 48 cores and 32GB of on-chip HBM2 memory. Each node has one processor socket. The A64fx nodes do not have additional DDR memory. Both the ThunderX2 and A64fx nodes use EDR Infiniband for networking. The eight newest nodes are based on the Ampere Computing Altra CPU and Nvidia A100 GPU’s. Each node has an 80-core CPU, two GPU’s and 512GiB of RAM. These nodes also have dual HDR InfiniBand channels for communications. All nodes are equipped with some form of node-local storage: SATA SSD for the ThunderX2 nodes, NVME for the A64fx nodes and spinning discs for the Ampere nodes.

To access Wombat, users must apply for an OLCF account. (See the link below.) Once an account has been created, users can log in to Wombat by ssh’ing to wombat-login1.ccs.ornl.gov.

When filling out the “Project Information” section of the account application, enter “Ross Miller” as the PI, CSC266 as the project name and select “Requesting New Membership” under project membership status. Please choose either bash or csh for your preferred shell. Fill out the rest of the form appropriately and click the “Submit” button. (Don’t forget to check the “Accurate and Complete” checkbox at the bottom before submitting.)

Account applications are available here: Account Application.

Please note that all published work related to Wombat should include the following acknowledgement statement:

This research used the resources of the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility, located in the National Center for Computational Sciences at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which is managed by UT Battelle, LLC for the U.S. Department of Energy, under the contract No. DEAC05-00OR22725.