Staff Section Head - Ashley Barker

The NCCS Operations Section ensures the functionality, performance, and usability of new NCCS systems and provides technical support, training, documentation and tools to NCCS users of operational systems. They develop and maintain large software applications and tools, provide access through these applications to the computational resources inside of the division, and provide platforms-as-a-service to NCCS users and staff so that they can develop their own applications that run on NCCS systems. Finally, the Operations Section showcases NCCS capabilities and OLCF user research accomplishments.

Section Groups

Group Group Description
Software Services Development

The Software Services Development Group develops and maintains large software applications and services used by the staff and end-users of the division’s computational ecosystem.

System Acceptance and User Environment

The System Acceptance and User Environment Group ensures the functionality, performance, and usability of new NCCS systems through activities such as test development, acceptance, software installation, documentation, and early user support for all NCCS pre-production systems.

User Access, Outreach, and Communications

The Outreach & Communications Group Develops and maintains communication materials for use with and by the NCCS sponsors and program managers that showcase NCCS capabilities and user research accomplishments.

User Assistance

The User Assistance Group provides technical support and promotes effective use of NCCS HPC resources through direct support, training, documentation, advocacy, and communication.