The application of knowledge to real-world problems is the payoff of scientific research. Engineering is reaching new heights with the help of some of the world’s leading supercomputers at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF). Researchers are using the speed and power of Jaguar, the world’s fastest computer, to improve various processes and bring innovation to the marketplace. From more efficient automotive engines to more durable airplanes, tomorrow’s technological breakthroughs may very well be the result of today’s computational engineering.

Explosive Hazard Predictions with the Uintah Framework

Principal Investigator: Martin Berzins, University of Utah
Titan: 45,000,000 hours

Multiscale Blood Flow Simulations

Principal Investigator: George Karniadakis, Brown University
Jaguar: 51,000,000 hours

Parameter Studies of Boussinesq Flows

Principal Investigator: Susan Kurien, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Titan: 34,000,000 hours

The Solution of Three-Dimensional PWR Neutronics Benchmark Problems for CASL

Principal Investigator: Thomas Evans, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Jaguar: 21,000,000 hours

Engineering Projects