Summit is the next leap in leadership-class computing systems for open science. With Summit we will be able to address, with greater complexity and higher fidelity, questions concerning who we are, our place on earth, and in our universe.

Summit, launched in 2018, delivers 8 times the computational performance of Titan’s 18,688 nodes, using only 4,608 nodes. Like Titan, Summit has a hybrid architecture, and each node contains multiple IBM POWER9 CPUs and NVIDIA Volta GPUs all connected together with NVIDIA’s high-speed NVLink. Each node has over half a terabyte of coherent memory (high bandwidth memory + DDR4) addressable by all CPUs and GPUs plus 800GB of non-volatile RAM that can be used as a burst buffer or as extended memory. To provide a high rate of I/O throughput, the nodes are connected in a non-blocking fat-tree using a dual-rail Mellanox EDR InfiniBand interconnect.

Summit allows researchers in all fields of science unprecedented access to solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Specifications and Features

  • Processor: IBM POWER9™ (2/node)
  • GPUs: 27,648 NVIDIA Volta V100s (6/node)
  • Nodes: 4,608
  • Node Performance: 42TF
  • Memory/node: 512GB DDR4 + 96GB HBM2
  • NV Memory/node: 1600GB
  • Total System Memory: >10PB DDR4 + HBM + Non-volatile
  • Interconnect Topology: Mellanox EDR 100G InfiniBand, Non-blocking Fat Tree
  • Peak Power Consumption: 13MW

System Support

The System User Guide is the definitive source of information about Summit, and details everything from connecting to running complex workflows. Please direct questions about Summit and its usage to the OLCF User Assistance Center by emailing

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