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May 21 2019 - May 23 2019


08:00 AM - 06:00 PM


ORNL, Oak Ridge, TN


Ashley Barker
(865) 574-1841

2019 OLCF User Meeting

The Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) is pleased to announce the 2019 OLCF User Meeting will be held May 21-23 at Oak Ridge National Lab in Oak Ridge, TN.  Prior to the start of the User Meeting on Tuesday, the OLCF will offer training on Monday for those interested.  The purpose of the annual user meeting is to share selected computational science and engineering achievements emerging from OLCF’s user programs, to enable direct interactions among users, advance OLCF’s relationships with our user community, and highlight computational requirements for the future.

The 2019 meeting will feature paired talks from OLCF users and application developers. This is an opportunity for users to share their scientific accomplishments and state-of-the-art computational development methods on both Titan and Summit.  The meeting will also feature plenary talks, panels, and center updates from the OLCF staff.

Other highlights include:

Tutorials:  On the Monday before the User Meeting, the OLCF will offer ½ day training sessions.  More information coming soon. 

 Poster Session:  We invite you to participate in an OLCF poster session and share your project’s achievements to date.

 Tour:  Attendees will also be offered a tour the OLCF Facility, including stops at the observation area to see Titan, Summit, and a stop at EVEREST, the OLCF scientific analysis and visualization laboratory.

 OUG Elections:  Elections will be held during the OLCF User Meeting for the open spots on the OLCF Executive Board User Group.  The OLCF User Meeting is open to current and future users.  More information about elections will be forthcoming.

 Attending via Webinar:  For participants who cannot attend on-site, a BlueJeans videoconference link will be set up.


2019 Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) User Meeting

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 – Thursday, May 23, 2019

Day 1Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Theme:  Early Results on Summit

Session Chair #1  – Ashley Barker, OLCF

8:00                 Registration Begins

9:00                 Welcome Address – OLCF Staff

9:30                 Keynote Address

10:15               Networking Break

10:45               Poster Slam #1

11:00               Invited Talk #1

11:30               Invited Companion Talk #1

12:00               Table Top Working Lunch

Session Chair #2 – Tjerk Straatsma, OLCF

1:15                 Poster Slam #2

1:30                 Invited Talk #2

2:00                 Invited Companion Talk #2

2:30                 Networking Break

3:00                 Invited Talk #3

3:30                 Invited Companion Talk #3

4:00                 Group Photo

4:15                 Tour of the OLCF and EVEREST

5:00                 Poster Session Starts

6:15                 Poster Session Ends

6:30                 Bus Departs

Day 2 Morning – Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Theme:  Federated Facilities

Session Chair #3 – Jack Wells, OLCF

8:00                 Registration Begins

9:00                 Welcome & Day 2 Agenda Review – Jack Wells, NCCS Director of Science

9:15                 Invited Talk #4

9:45                 Invited Talk #5

10:15               Networking Break

10:45               Invited Talk #6

11:15               Invited Talk/Panel

11:45               Table Top Working Lunch

Day 2 Afternoon – Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Theme:  OLCF Facility Updates

Session Chair #4 – Stephen McNally, OLCF

1:00                 Updates from the OLCF Facility Staff

3:00                 Networking Break

3:30                 Poster Session #2

5:00                 Depart for OLCF Social

5:30                 OLCF Social – Titan Trivia Night

Day 3 Morning – Thursday, May 23, 2019

Theme:  Preparing for ExascaleSession

Session Chair #5 – Judy Hill, OLCF

8:00                 Registration Begins

9:00                 Welcome and Agenda Review – Arjun Shankar, OLCF

9:15                 Invited Talk #6

9:45                 Invited Talk #7

10:15               Networking Break

10:45               Invited Talk #8

11:15               Panel

11:30               OLCF User Business – OLCF Executive Council

12:00               Closing Remarks

12:30               Depart ORNL (Lunch on your own)

User Meeting Contacts

OLCF Local Organizers:

Valentine Anantharaj,
Ashley Barker,
Katie Bethea,
Marcus Eisenbach,
Judy Hill,
Gustav Jansen,
Stephen McNally,
Matt Norman,
Thomas Papathedore,
Sherry Ray,
Arjun Shankar,
Tjerk Straatsma,
Jack Wells,

Local Arrangements

Bus:  For those staying at any of the hotels in Oak Ridge to ORNL, you can catch the bus at the DoubleTree Hotel or the Staybridge Inn and Suites.  If not staying at either of these hotels, you are welcome to drive there to catch the bus.  Bus will pick up at the hotels at 7:30 – 7:40 a.m.

ORNL Guest House:  You can now make a reservations at the ORNL Guest House.

There are a number of other nice Oak Ridge hotels listed below.

Hotel National Number Local Number
Comfort Inn 800.228.5150 865.481.8200
DoubleTree 800.222.TREE 865.481.2468
Hampton Inn 800.HAMPTON 865.482.7889
Holiday Inn Express & Suites 800.HOLIDAY 865.298.1990
Quality Inn 877.424.6423 865.483.6809
Staybridge Suites 800.225.1237 865.298.0050

Maps and Directions to  ORNL:

Map to ORNL Visitor Center:

Map of Visitor Center  and Parking:


We encourage all OLCF Users to contribute a poster to the 2019 OLCF User Meeting.

Poster Session Details

There will be two poster sessions featured during the 2019 Meeting.  The first will occur late afternoon on Tuesday, May 21st, and the second session will occur late afternoon on Wednesday, May 22nd.

Poster Session Location

Both poster sessions will be held in the ORNL Conference Center lobby.

Poster Slam

Each poster contributor will be given two minutes to introduce your poster in a plenary session.  No slides necessary.  One week before the meeting, you will be notified of the time and date of your poster slam slot and which poster session to which you will be assigned.

How do I submit a poster?

In order to plan accordingly and give us the opportunity to promote your poster, please fill out the information requested below no later than Friday, May 3, 2019.

What size poster should I bring?

Posters should be 30H x 40L.

Will ORNL print my poster?

For your convenience, ORNL will print your poster if received by Friday, May 3, 2019. To have your poster printed by ORNL, send a PDF copy to by the May 3rd deadline.

2019 User Meeting Posters

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