Supernovas as Nuclear Pasta Factories

By  •  5 years ago  •  Science

Using OLCF resources, scientists have simulated matter at the core’s bounce, when the shock wave starts to develop.
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Experts Converge for Computational Nuclear Physics Town Hall Meeting

By  •  6 years ago  •  People

Nuclear physics experts from around the country gathered July 23–24 in Washington, D.C., to discuss the future of computational nuclear physics.
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INCITE/OLCF Team’s Research Earns Prominent Placement

By  •  6 years ago  •  Science

A recent cover of Science magazine features a visualization from a long-standing INCITE/OLCF user team’s quest to discover the mechanism behind the explosions of core-collapse supernovas.
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Supernovas Explode in 3D Detail at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

By  •  6 years ago  •  Science

A team of astrophysicists and computational scientists is using the power of the OLCF’s Jaguar to virtually blow up dwarf stars, revealing the secrets of the biggest thermonuclear explosions in the universe.
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When Worlds Collide

By  •  7 years ago  •  Science

Homa Karimabadi’s team, in close collaboration with William Daughton at Los Alamos National Laboratory, is currently using the OLCF’s Jaguar supercomputer to better understand the processes giving rise to space weather.
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Another High-Definition Plasma

By  •  8 years ago  •  Science

A team led by University of Iowa astrophysicist Gregory Howes is using ORNL’s Jaguar supercomputer to explore astrophysical plasma.
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ORNL Supercomputers Help Studies of Supernovas, Space

By  •  9 years ago  •  Science

Researchers use Jaguar to simulate ignition in type Ia supernova explosions.

Type Ia supernovas are the largest thermonuclear explosions in nature, expelling mass greater than that of the Sun and …
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