Articles tagged with: Engineering

[ May 10 2016 - 8:13 am ]

OLCF staff helped unveil ORNL’s Traveling Science Fair supercomputing exhibit at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington DC.

[ Nov 10 2015 - 12:34 pm ]

A team led by Thomas Jordan of the Southern California Earthquake Center, headquartered at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, is using the Titan supercomputer to develop physics-based earthquake simulations to better understand earthquake systems, including the potential seismic hazards from known faults and the impact of strong ground motions on urban areas.

[ Dec 16 2013 - 2:41 pm ]

To prepare California for the next “big one,” SCEC joint researchers are simulating earthquakes at high frequencies for more detailed predictions that are needed by structural engineers on Titan.

[ Nov 1 2013 - 4:14 pm ]

Supercomputing experts from around the world used a recent meeting in the Tennessee Smokies to grapple with the challenges of “big data.”

[ Oct 25 2013 - 1:54 pm ]

General Electric Global Research is using the hybrid CPU/GPU Cray XK7 Titan supercomputer managed by the OLCF to simulate hundreds of millions of water molecules freezing in slow motion.

[ Aug 22 2013 - 8:23 pm ]

Startup zooms to success improving fuel efficiency of long-haul trucks by more than 10 percent

[ Aug 14 2013 - 4:18 pm ]

Ford researchers wanted to optimize engine bay airflow while considering a significant number of design parameters, a job that required supercomputing resources on a completely new scale.

[ Jun 19 2013 - 5:10 pm ]

Researchers with CASL are simulating fuel rod stabilization on ORNL’s Titan supercomputer.

[ Dec 18 2012 - 4:27 pm ]

A project led by Amra Peles of UTRC is pushing the limits of lower-cost, genuinely renewable hydrogen production and use for fuel cells.

[ Aug 14 2012 - 12:17 pm ]

Ramgen Power Systems, a Seattle-based energy R&D firm, is developing a novel gas compressor system based on shock-wave technology used in supersonic flight applications by using the OLCF’s Jaguar supercomputer.