Protecting Big Data

By  •  8 years ago  •  Technology

The OLCF recently relocated the center’s archive tape library to a centralized location with a more controlled environment, resulting in better overall availability and uptime for OLCF system users and better resiliency of the media.
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MADNESS Named R&D 100 Winner

By  •  10 years ago  •  People

OLCF researchers a part of team recognized for work on software package

A team led by ORNL’s Robert Harrison has been awarded an R&D 100 Award by R&D Magazine.

The …
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The Flight of the Electrons

By  •  10 years ago  •  Science

Purdue researchers break petaflop barrier with study of electrons in computer chips

A team led by Gerhard Klimeck of Purdue University has broken the petascale barrier while addressing a relatively …
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