Articles tagged with: Biophysics

[ Aug 25 2017 - 3:23 pm ]

University of Illinois researchers simulate key protein to combat multidrug resistance in cancer cells.

[ May 9 2017 - 1:49 pm ]

A team of computational scientists from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign used the Titan supercomputer to model one of life’s ubiquitous molecular motors.

[ Feb 16 2016 - 12:45 pm ]

To better understand lignin, a problematic molecule for next-generation biofuel production, a team from ORNL created one of the largest biomolecular simulations to date—a 23.7-million atom system representing pretreated biomass in the presence of enzymes.

[ Jul 29 2015 - 8:42 am ]

A team led by Klaus Schulten of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign used Titan to achieve a milestone in the field of biomolecular simulation, modeling a complete photosynthetic organelle of the bacteria Rhodobacter sphaeroides in atomic detail.

[ Jan 2 2014 - 12:40 pm ]

A team led by ORNL’s Jeremy Smith, the director of ORNL’s Center for Molecular Biophysics and a Governor’s Chair at the University of Tennessee, has uncovered information that could help others harvest energy from plant mass.

[ Dec 13 2013 - 8:00 am ]

Using computational molecular dynamics simulations, researchers at ORNL and the University of Tennessee–ORNL Joint Institute for Computational Sciences have discovered a molecular “switch” in a receptor that controls cell behavior.