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OLCF User Assistance Center

Can't find the information you need below? Need advice from a real person? We're here to help.

OLCF support consultants are available to respond to your emails and phone calls from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, exclusive of holidays. Emails received outside of regular support hours will be addressed the next business day.

Documents & Forms

Forms for Requesting a Project Allocation

Forms for Requesting an Account

Forms to Request Changes to Computers, Jobs, or Accounts

  • Software Installation Request Form (Use this form to request a software/library/application installation on a center computer.)
  • Relaxed Queue Limit Request Form (Use this form to request deviations from the standard batch queue policy. Typical requests would be for increased priority for one (or several) jobs or an increased wall-time limit.)
  • System Reservation Request Form (Use this form to request dedicated access to some or all of the machine. If granted, no other users/projects will be running on the processors that have been reserved. Please note that if granted, your project will be charged for the entire dedicated time and not just the time used by your jobs. Thus, a reservation for 100 nodes on Titan for 48 hours will result in a charge of 144,000 core-hours (100 nodes × 30 “cores” per node x 48 hours). A reservation differs from increased priority requests and increased wall-time requests in that those requests must still wait in the batch queue. A reservation sets aside a set of processors for a user (or group of users) with a definite start and end time. Additionally, the reservation differs from traditional batch jobs in the way it is charged against an allocation (which is described in the previous paragraph).
  • Disk Quota Increase Request Form (Use this form to request an increased disk quota.)
  • Purge Exemption Request Form (Use this form to request temporary relief from the scratch disk purge.)


All OLCF policies can be found at the OLCF Policy Guide.

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Misc. Forms

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