Note: This form will be removed soon; please consider using our new forms on the myOLCF self-service portal:
• For new account requests, visit the myOLCF New Account Application Form.
• To join another project with an existing account, log in to myOLCF and click “Join Another Project”.
• To renew a project membership with an existing account, log in to myOLCF and click “Renew My Membership” on the applicable project page.


You can use this form to: Request a new OLCF account, request your existing account be added to an OLCF project, or to request your existing account be renewed on an OLCF project. Do not enter proprietary and/or sensitive information into this form.


• Read the OLCF Computing Policy.
• Read the OLCF Data Policy.
• Read the OLCF Security Policy.
• Read the OLCF Institutional User Agreement Policy.
• Fill in all applicable and required information on the form below and click ‘Submit’. Required fields are designated with a red asterisk (*).
• After you have applied… what happens next?

Please note that you cannot save data typed into this form. If you wish to retain the data, you will need to copy them and save them elsewhere. Please direct any questions to the User Assistance Center.