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Preparing for Frontier Training Series

The Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) will deliver a “Preparing for Frontier” training series over the next several months to help current OLCF users (without access to early-Frontier hardware) understand what they can start doing today on Summit to prepare their projects for Frontier. The series will begin with talks on Frontier’s architecture and supported programming models, and will be followed by hands-on tutorials showing how to use the programming models, as well as user-experience talks from project teams who have already ported their applications to (and are currently running) on the early-Frontier systems.

The table below shows the sessions included in this series and will be periodically updated to include new sessions over time. All sessions will be recorded and the slides/recordings will be made available afterward. To register for an event, please follow the links below to the individual event pages.

If you have any questions about this series, please contact Tom Papatheodore ( and/or Suzanne Parate-Koon (

Topic Date
Introduction to the Frontier Supercomputer July 12, 2022
Introduction to HIP Programming July 14, 2022
HIP for CUDA Programmers July 21, 2022
OpenMP Offloading – Part 1: Offloading Basics  August, 11, 2022
OpenMP Offloading – Part 2: Data Movement and Optimization September 1, 2022
Lessons and Tips from OLCF’s Crusher Hackathons December 1, 2022
Crusher User Experience Talks December 9, 2022
Using HIP and GPU Libraries with OpenMP December 14, 2022
Please refer back to this page occasionally to look for new sessions that will be added to the series.

Topic Suggestions?
If you have suggestions for potential topics to be covered in this series, please submit the simple form below and we’ll consider adding it as a future session. We greatly appreciate your suggestions and feedback!

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