Here is the summary of topics discussed with a brief recap of the questions users asked.

Rhea Upgrades

Rhea Upgrades: (download slides)

For our Rhea upgrades, users discussed if the queue policy would be adequate for users who need large numbers of nodes per job for longer periods of time than that allowed by the policy. OLCF logs show that the majority of the long running jobs on Rhea have a small number of nodes, so we will try the queue policy as present in the slides for now, but we encourage users to write tickets to the help desk asking for exemption if they need a different wall clock limit for the number of nodes required to complete their analysis.

Also users asked about support resources for Rhea to run remote visualization. We will answers this question in the future and encourage feedback about remote visualization needs.

OpenACC Compiler’s Status

OpenACC compilers status: (download slides)

User asked if all of the compilers mentioned fully supported Fortran and C.

Darshan Module:

Darshan Module:  (download slides)

Users asked if Darshan would be installed on Rhea. OLCF is in the process of installing Darshan on Rhea.

Improved System status lights and System information:

System status and information improvements: (download slides)

We have implemented the much requested yellow systems status light for the filesystem. Details are in the slides

The News

OLCF News: (download slides)

Advanced Fortan training Sep. 9-11.