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Redesigned OLCF website focuses on enhanced navigation, improved aesthetics, greater user accessibility, and a host of other new features.

The Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility’s (OLCF’s) website serves not only as the home for news on scientific discovery occurring at the supercomputing center but also as a gateway for system users to access information critical to the success of their projects. This month, the OLCF, a US Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science User Facility at DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, is launching a new website with enhanced navigation, improved aesthetics, greater user accessibility, and a host of other new features.

A beta version of the new OLCF website was launched in January 2018 with plans to replace the current iteration in mid-February. The beta site enables users, media, and OLCF stakeholders to familiarize themselves with the new site before the current site is retired.

The new is the result of user survey feedback providing ideas on new content as well as more opportunities for OLCF users to share their work on the website. Visitors to the OLCF’s new online home can find expanded information about OLCF staff, user projects, and staff R&D projects under way on OLCF systems such as the Cray XK7 supercomputer, Titan.

“Now more than ever, our user projects as well as OLCF staff can share the work they are performing on these world-class systems with the public,” said Ashley Barker, group leader for the OLCF’s User Assistance and Outreach Group, which provides support to users awarded computing hours through the Advanced Scientific Computing Research Leadership Computing Challenge (ALCC) and Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment (INCITE) programs. “It was important to us that this new website not only provide enhanced navigation and more tools to our users but also the ability for visitors to learn more about the individuals behind the scientific discovery taking place here.”

In future updates to the website, OLCF users can expect to find an enhanced publication portal and an overhaul of the MYOLCF application, which will include additional functionality requested through mechanisms such as the annual user survey.

“Our focus with the redesign was to bring the OLCF website up to modern standards and deliver a fully responsive user experience on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices,” said Brian Gajus, OLCF web developer. “One of our highest priorities was to design an interface that would enable our user community to more quickly find the tools and documentation they need to effectively use OLCF resources, while at the same time still continuing to feature the scientific achievements and outcomes that result from use of this leadership computing facility.”


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Josh Cunningham

Josh Cunningham is an IT Project Manager for the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility.