Focus on using Titan for innovation in partnership between government and industry

fortune_May2013Fortune magazine profiled industrial use of HPC at OLCF, and several industrial users, in their annual, flagship Fortune 500 issue.

Becky Quick, Fortune contributor and co-anchor of CNBC’s financial news show “Squawk Box” lauded these industrial partnerships for contributing new knowledge to the scientific community, stimulating innovation and sparking a more competitive marketplace.

Quick pointed out that OLCF industrial partnership program users Ford, GE and Procter & Gamble all sought assistance in solving difficult problems. Procter & Gamble, who worked on OLCF’s Jaguar system, explained that access to OLCF resources brought new understanding about the chemistry of its Head & Shoulders shampoo, leading to a more effective formula. Their new insights about how molecules self-organize will also be useful information for pharmaceutical research.

Quick notes that the high price of systems like Titan—$100 million—makes them too expensive for lone corporations, but those corporations often need high-end supercomputing systems to make strides in research and development.

Providing these firms access to OLCF supercomputing resources in a public-private partnership can help drive that private sector R&D for economic development. And because companies must make public the results of their research, the broader scientific community benefits too.—by Leah Moore