Project Description

The research team proposes to use the Argonne Leadership Class Computing Facility’s BlueGene/Q, Mira, and the Oak Ridge Leadership Class Computing Facility’s Cray, Titan, to address key science questions in nuclear and particle physics research, and to support and complement the major experimental programs in these areas. Focusing on the research priorities at the Energy and Intensity Frontiers, and in cold and hot nuclear physics, the team’s program in quantum chromodynamics is essential to meeting milestones set out by the Office of Science. Leadership class computers will be used to sample the quantum fluctuations of the gluon fields, including the contributions from up, down, strange, and, in some cases, charmed quarks at their physical masses, with the fine-graining of spacetime sufficient to enable a complete quantification of uncertainties in crucial observables. These gluon configurations are common and essential components that are required to determine a wide range of physical quantities of importance in high energy and nuclear physics.

In particle physics, they will enable pushing the search for beyond-the-standard-model effects in flavor physics to yet higher energies. They will also enable new lattice calculations that are required throughout the DOE’s coming Intensity Frontier program. In nuclear physics, the team is proposing a suite of calculations that are essential for the success of present and planned experiments at RHIC, Jlab, FRIB, LANL, ORNL and other national facilities. Its calculations are critical in guiding the search for exotic states of matter at the GlueX experiment, and in interpreting the results that will be obtained there.

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