Titan, Cray® XK7™

Decommission Notice: Titan was decommissioned on August 2, 2019.

Decommissioned in August 2019, Titan was a hybrid-architecture Cray® XK7™ system with a theoretical peak performance exceeding 27,000 trillion calculations per second (27 petaflops). It contained both advanced 16-core AMD Opteron™ central processing units (CPUs) and NVIDIA® Kepler graphics processing units (GPUs). This combination allowed Titan to achieve 10 times the speed and 5 times the energy efficiency of its predecessor, the Jaguar supercomputer, while using only modestly more energy and occupying the same physical footprint.

Titan featured 18,688 compute nodes, a total system memory of 710 terabytes, and Cray’s high-performance Gemini network. Its 299,008 CPU cores guided simulations while the accompanying GPUs handled hundreds of calculations simultaneously. The system provided decreased time to solution, increased complexity of models, and greater realism in simulations. Titan helped launch a new era for science and engineering as computing approaches the exascale, or a million trillion calculations a second.

Specifications and Features

  • Architecture: Cray XK7
  • Processor: 16-Core AMD
  • Cabinets: 200
  • Nodes: 18,688 AMD Opterons
  • Cores/node: 16
  • Total cores: 299,008 Opteron Cores
  • Memory/node: 32GB + 6GB
  • Memory/core: 2GB
  • Interconnect: Gemini
  • GPUs: 18,688 K20X Keplers
  • Speed: 27 PF

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