Frontier Hackathon (VIRTUAL)
Week of March 4, 2024
11:00 AM – 5:00 PM (EDT)
Application Deadline: January 31
Contact: Suzanne Parete-Koon (


The OLCF, in collaboration with HPE and AMD, is pleased to announce a (virtual) 4-day Frontier Hackathon during the week of March 4, 2024. Specific dates will be announced after teams are selected. Application/software teams with existing Frontier allocations are invited to submit applications  to participate in the hackathon. INCITE projects are encouraged to apply. This is a chance to work with  expert mentors to clear hurdles you have been having with your code’s performance or functionality. The application deadline is January 31.

A few examples of past participants’ accomplishments:

  • Accelerated their codes’ CPU kernels on the GPUs
  • Converted significant sections of their application from CUDA to HIP or OpenACC to OpenMP Target Offload
  • Profiled and significantly boosted their code’s performance on Frontier
  • Improved I/O performance
  • Found and fixed bugs
  • Helped onboard new project members
  • Generated their first roofline plot
  • Received ideas for further improving performance

Once the application deadline is reached, we will review all applications and select 10 teams to attend. During the event, the teams will work toward their development goals (porting, debugging, optimization, etc.) with the help of expert mentors drawn from AMD, HPE, and OLCF staff and beyond.

Please see the main Frontier Hackathons page for information on who should apply, what to expect during a hackathon. If you would like to submit an application to participate, please see the “Application Submission” section below.

Note, if you have immediate and pressing questions or code issues that you would like hands-on help with from our staff and vendors, you can also sign up for the OLCF office hours that happen on Mondays and Wednesdays each week. Find out more here:


Application/software teams (of 3 or more active members) with existing allocations on Frontier are invited to submit proposals to this hackathon. If your team does not have an existing Frontier allocation and you are interested in participating in an upcoming hackathon, please see the “Who Should Apply?” section on the main Frontier Hackathons page.

Application Submission

The Application form asks you to describe your HPC application code(s) and set goals for your team for the hackathon.

Please do not propose goals that require working at scale on Frontier, as the hackathon reservation will be limited to ~40 nodes so that it does not impact other applications’ ongoing production campaigns.

If you are interested in submitting an application to participate, please click the drop-down menu below and fill out and submit the form.

The deadline to submit an application to participate is January 31. 

Proposal Submission Form

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If your team has already been accepted to the March 2024 Frontier Hackathon, please register using the form below.