OLCF Office Hours

Would your project team like direct access to OLCF, AMD, and HPE staff for current issues or questions you might have about running your application/software on Frontier? If so, we are offering office hours every Monday from 2-3 PM EDT and Wednesday from 1-2 PM EDT. During each session, (up to) 5 teams will move into their own Zoom breakout room to discuss their question/issue directly with the appropriate OLCF, AMD, and HPE staff. Topics can be anything from issues building your code, non-ideal performance, node failures, etc.

Starting June 1, 2023, sign-up for OLCF Office Hours has moved to myOLCF. For more information and to sign-up please see https://docs.olcf.ornl.gov/#olcf-office-hours.

If you encounter issues during sign-up, please contact help@olcf.ornl.gov.