OLCF Slate Hackathon

August 25 and 26 from 1:00- 3:00 pm EDT OLCF will host a Slate workshop aimed at helping OLCF/ NCCS users and NCCS staff generate smoother workflows for their applications running on Summit and NCCS Open resources. This will be a virtual workshop hosted on Zoom.

Slate is a Kubernetes-based container orchestration service for users to run persistent application services that do not fit into a batch job such as workflow management systems and data portals with access to NCCS filesystems and cluster job queues.

With Slate it should be easy to deploy databases such as MongoDB for workflow systems or an Object Store for data visualization of files on an NCCS filesystem and with Slate it should be possible to deploy any custom application stack. An overview can be found here:

The first day of the workshop will consist of a set of demos and hands-on exercises designed to help users understand how to use Slate.

The second day will allow potential users to meet with the OLCF Slate experts to for one-on-one consultations about how to use Slate for their specific projects.

If you have any questions, please contact Suzanne Parete-Koon (

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Aug 25 2021 - Aug 26 2021


1:00 pm
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