Crash Course in Supercomputing Summer 2012

The Crash Course in Supercomputing course is designed to give participants an overview of high-performance computing concepts and techniques. The target audience is summer interns and those with no prior exposure to high-performance computing. The course is divided into two sections. Section 1 will discuss the Unix operating system. Section 2 will discuss parallel programming concepts.


Please note that on-site attendance is restricted to participants who already have access to the ORNL campus. This course will be available via webcast for those that wish to attend but do not have on-site access. When registering, please indicate if you will be attending in person or attending the webcast.


[tab: Overview]

Section 1

In this course, students will learn to program, compile, and run code in a unix environment. We begin by introducing students to the unix environment, common unix commands, and the vi editor. Next the students will learn the basics of makefiles, followed by a tutorial on programming in C. Finally, the students will put together all the concepts from the class by programming, compiling, and running a program.

Section 2

In this course, students will learn to write parallel programs that can be run on a supercomputer. We begin by discussing the concepts of parallelization before introducing MPI and OpenMP, the two leading parallel programming libraries. Finally, the students will put together all the concepts from the class by programming, compiling, and running a parallel code on one of the NCCS supercomputers.

[tab: Agenda]

Section 1:

Introduction to UNIX
The vi editor
Compiling and Make
C Programming Language

Section 2:

Concepts of parallelization
Introduction to MPI
Batch scripts and the workings of Supercomputers
Introduction to OpenMP
Introduction to Debugging

[tab: Presentations]

Section 1:

Unix Tips

VI Tips

Slides from the Presentation

BASH script examples:
shows until, while, and for loop
create subdirectories
add 10 to a command line argument
basic hello world with a conditional statement
demonstrate the if..then..else

C program examples:
Show a 2 dimensional array
Show basic math operators
Convert an age to dog years

C, Makefiles, and converting from celsius to fahrenheit


Section 2:


Jun 12 2012 - Jun 13 2012


ORNL Tennessee B Room (B: 5200)
1 Bethel Valley Road


Robert Whitten
(865) 241-1196
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