Titan webpage earns Gajus American Inhouse Design Award

Brian Gajus, OLCF web developer

Brian Gajus, OLCF web developer

OLCF web developer Brian Gajus was recently honored by the graphic design community.

Gajus took an American Inhouse Design Award for his work on the OLCF Titan page, which introduced America’s most powerful supercomputer. Sponsored by the news magazine Graphic Design USA, the award recognizes the contributions made by designers working in institutional marketing and communications departments.

“Much of today’s best graphic design is done by inhouse designers,” said the award’s website, “but their role is too often undervalued. This competition’s mission is to make sure inhouse designers are recognized by their colleagues and the creative community.”

The OLCF Titan page uses an approach known as parallax scrolling, in which an image’s background and foreground scroll at different rates, giving the page a 3D effect. The effect helped convey the excitement that greeted Titan’s release.

The page is just one element of Gajus’s work at the OLCF.

“I am not surprised at all that Brian’s work has been recognized,” said Ashley Barker, leader of the facility’s User Assistance and Outreach group. “He has done a remarkable job at designing a website that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and it showcases the amazing work performed at the OLCF while also serving as an effective user resource.”

Gajus’s work has also attracted the attention of the OLCF’s technology partners.

“I checked out the Titan web page, and it is awesome!” wrote Liza Gabrielson, a senior marketing manager at GPU-maker NVIDIA. “It is so dynamic, visually interesting, and full of great info.”