Step 1:

From the File; menu choose Open. Paraview should automatically detect the multiple files and collapse them into a single selectable item. Select this item and press OK

Step 2:

From the properties box in the lower left unselect Have Headers and press Apply

Step 3:

Ensure that the sim-* item from the Pipeline Browser is selected

Step 4:

From Filters -> Alphabetical in the menubar select  Table to Points

Step 5:

From the properties box in the lower left set the X,Y,and Z column to Fields 0,1,2 respectively and press Apply

Step 6:

In the main window close the spreadsheet view by pressing the x next to the Layout #1. After the view has been closed select 3D view

Step 7:

In the Pipeline Browser Click the eye icon next to the TableToPoints1 entry. This should display the results in the 3D view

Step 8:

The play and pause buttons in the top row can now be used to control the animation.