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OLCF User Assistance Center

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Descriptions, usage information, and version availability of all software packages in use at the OLCF.
software-news Software News
Information about software removal, additions, and changes.
software-form Software Installation Request Form
Use this form to request software/library/application not currently installed on a center computer.
Programs to transform source code into executable programs.
software-data-managementData Management
Programs to facilitate the movement or manipulation of scientific data.
software-debugging-profilingDebugging and Profiling
Programs to aid in the correction and optimization of source code.
software-development-toolsDevelopment Tools
Programs to aid in the development or maintenance of other applications.
software-programming-librariesProgramming Libraries
Building blocks of modular code to extend functionality of other applications.
software-scientific-applicationsScientific Applications
Programs to solve real-world problems within a specific field of science or engineering.
Programs and libraries to graphically illustrate phenomena described by scientific datasets.