The Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) has the charge to develop and apply transformational computational science capabilities in support of accelerated advances in our understanding of the physical world and using that knowledge to address the most pressing national and international concerns. With Summit, the OLCF will continue to host among the most powerful computers in the world and deliver an unparalleled environment in which to make new discoveries that will dramatically impact the nation’s ability to produce a secure energy economy and increase mankind’s fundamental understanding of our world. Part of this mission is to assist in creating the next generation of computational scientist using current and emerging high-end computing resources to tackle the most demanding scientific challenges of tomorrow, and the OLCF is seeking to grow their current postdoctoral associates program and develop the next generation computational science workforce with strong expertise in individual science domains, as well as expertise in the programming models needed for the development of methods and their implementation on state of the art, high-end computational resources.

Up to eight OLCF Distinguished Postdoctoral Associate positions are available immediately for candidates interested in and capable of performing leading-edge computational science research and development. Priorities include the development of methodologies and their efficient massively parallel implementation on current state-of-the-art accelerated computer architectures, as well as their application on large scientific challenge problems. The center is specifically looking for candidates with strong computational expertise in the following scientific areas: Astrophysics, Biophysics, Chemistry, Climate Science, Combustion, Fusion Energy Science, Materials Science, and Nuclear Physics.

The successful candidates will be mentored and teamed with staff in the Scientific Computing Group in the OLCF. They will collaborate with leading computer and computational scientists at ORNL in the development and application of new computational techniques specifically targeted at the key DOE Office of Science and other missions.

Information about the specific job responsibilities, minimum qualifications and the process to apply for these positions can be found on the ORNL jobs web page