intel Overview

The Intel Compiler Suite, now marketed as "Intel Composer XE", is a collection of compilers from the Intel Corporation for building applications on GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.


The OLCF recommends the use of the Cray compiler wrappers on Cray systems. The Cray compiler wrappers will use the intel compilers if the proper "programming environment" module is loaded at the time of compilation:
module swap PrgEnv-pgi PrgEnv-intel
Individual versions of the compiler can then be specified by swapping just the "intel" module:
module swap intel/ intel/        
Then you can invoke the compiler wrapper via ftn, cc, or CC as appropriate. More details on the compiler wrappers can be found via man ftn, man cc and man CC. More information on the compilers themselves can be found on the web at Intel’s C Composer XE Documentation page, Fortran Composer XE Documentation page, or their Software Technical Documentation page. The following information is available by running module help intel
This modulefile defines the system paths and environment variables
needed to use the Intel compilers icc, ifort and icpc on
Cray XT and XE systems.  This modulefile may be loaded
as a standalone or as part of PrgEnv-intel, when the user
will call these products using cc, ftn, and CC.
If loaded as part of PrgEnv-intel, it cannot be unloaded
individually, but it can be swapped for another version.


Release Date: November 17, 2011

Provide the module file to support compiling with Intel Composer XE

The following bug is fixed in the intel release.
  751864  Intel C/C++ compiler rejects canonical form 'b relational-op var' in for loop test-expr. [Issue 565474]
  768598  Intel OpenMP ifort - automatic array integer ia (size duma) fails in private clause at runtime [617070]
  768616  Intel OpenMP ifort - atomic statement 'r=r+var%c' should be accepted [638929]
  769955  Intel ifort - statement 'array = [ (i, i=0, 9) ]' yields internal compiler error [621292]
  772694  Intel ifort - Internal compiler error - no line # or file name given. [630843]
  774248  Intel ifort OpenMP - Internal compiler error: segmentation violation - with -debug all option [638931]
  774813  Intel v12-built test aborts at runtime, but ok with CCE and Pathscale
  775000  lzcnt instruction problem with intel [Issue #640237]
  777468  Intel ifort OpenMP - catastrophic error: **Internal compiler error: internal abort** [647904]

Product and OS Dependencies:
intel is supported on Cray XT and XE systems running the
CLE 2.1 CNL or later operating systems.

Intel Composer XE version (C/C++ and FTN) must be installed in
the default location.  The Intel C/C++ only installation is not supported
because the Intel Fortran run time libraries are required by Cray XT and XE
libraries (libsci, for example) when using the Intel compiler.

These products are also required:
intel-prgenv 1.0.0  or later
xt-asyncpe   4.8    or later
libsci       10.4.9 or later
MPT          5.2.0  or later
hdf5-netcdf  1.8    or later

Known problems:
Programs compiled and linked with Intel get link errors when
ACML 4.4.0 or 5.0.0 module is loaded.  To avoid the error, unload the
ACML module. For more information, see Bug 777701.


env CRAY_INSTALL_DEFAULT=1 rpm -ihv xt-intelsup-

Certain components, files or programs contained within this package or product are Copyright -2011 Cray Inc. All rights reserved.






  • 13.1.3
  • 14.0.2
  • 14.0.4
  • 15.0.3
  • 16.0.0
  • 17.0.0
  • 17.0.4
  • 11.1.072