The list below reflects 2014-2017 publications that resulted from the use, at least in part, of OLCF resources.
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TitleDOIAuthorsSourceProgram AllocationProject IDProject PIYear
"Parking-garage" structures in nuclear astrophysics and cellular biophysics10.1103/PhysRevC.94.055801Berry, D. K.; Caplan, M. E.; Horowitz, C. J.; Huber, Greg; Schneider, A. S.PHYSICAL REVIEW CINCITENPH008Vary, James2016
"Prophetic vision, vivid imagination": The 1927 Mississippi River flood10.1002/2015WR017927Smith, James A.; Baeck, Mary LynnWATER RESOURCES RESEARCHINCITECLI028Compo, Gilbert2015
24.77 Pflops on a gravitational tree-code to simulate the Milky Way Galaxy with 18600 GPUs10.1109/SC.2014.10Bedorf, J.; Gaburov, E.; Fujii, M.; Nitadori, K.; Ishiyama, T.; Portegies-Zwart, S.SC14: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING, NETWORKING, STORAGE AND ANALYSISDDAST032Portegies Zwart, Simon2014
2HOT: An improved parallel hashed oct-tree N-body algorithm for cosmological simulation10.3233/SPR-140385Warren, Michael S.SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMMINGINCITEAST028Warren, Michael S.2014
A 2-D/1-D Transverse Leakage Approximation Based on Azimuthal, Fourier Moments10.1080/00295639.2016.1272360Stimpson, Shane; Collins, Benjamin; Downar, ThomasNUCLEAR SCIENCE AND ENGINEERINGALCCNFI011Clarno, Kevin2017
A Bayesian approach for parameter estimation and prediction using a computationally intensive model10.1088/0954-3899/42/3/034009Higdon, Dave; McDonnell, Jordan D.; Schunck, Nicolas; Sarich, Jason; Wild, Stefan M.JOURNAL OF PHYSICS G-NUCLEAR AND PARTICLE PHYSICSINCITENPH008Vary, James2015
A Bloom Filter Based Scalable Data Integrity Check Tool for Large-scale Dataset10.1109/PDSW-DISCS.2016.13Xiong, Sisi; Wang, Feiyi; Cao, QingPROCEEDINGS OF PDSW-DISCS 2016 - 1ST JOINT INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON PARALLEL DATA STORAGE AND DATA INTENSIVE SCALABLE COMPUTING SYSTEMS2016
A Combined Density Functional Theory and Spectrophotometry Study of the Bonding Interactions of [NpO2 center dot M](4+) Cation-Cation Complexes10.1021/acs.inorgchem.6b02369Freiderich, John W.; Burn, Adam G.; Martin, Leigh R.; Nash, Kenneth L.; Clark, Aurora E.INORGANIC CHEMISTRYINCITECHP101Dixon, David2017
A Computational Approach for Modeling Neutron Scattering Data from Lipid Bilayers10.1021/acs.jctc.6b00968Carrillo, Jan -Michael Y.; Katsaras, John; Sumpter, Bobby G.; Ashkar, RanaJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL THEORY AND COMPUTATIONDDBIP151Carrillo, Jan-Michael2017
A DNS evaluation of mixing models for transported PDF modelling of turbulent nonpremixed flames10.1016/j.combustflame.2014.01.009Krisman, Alex; Tang, Joshua C. K.; Hawkes, Evatt R.; Lignell, David O.; Chen, Jacqueline H.COMBUSTION AND FLAMEINCITECMB103Chen, Jacqueline2014
A DNS study of the ignition of lean PRF/air mixtures with temperature inhomogeneities under high pressure and intermediate temperature10.1016/j.combustflame.2014.09.001Kim, Seung Ook; Luong, Minh Bau; Chen, Jacqueline H.; Yoo, Chun SangCOMBUSTION AND FLAMEINCITECMB103Chen, Jacqueline2015
A GPU-accelerated continuous and discontinuous Galerkin non-hydrostatic atmospheric model10.1177/1094342017694427Abdi, Daniel S.; Wilcox, Lucas C.; Warburton, Timothy C.; Giraldo, Francis X.; ,International Journal of High Performance Computing ApplicationsNOAACLI113Carman,Jessie2017
A Global View Programming Abstraction forTransitioning MPI Codes to PGAS Languages10.1007/978-3-319-05215-1_9Mintz, Tiffany M. (ORNL); Hernandez, Oscar R. (ORNL); Bernholdt, David E. (ORNL)LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCEStaffStaffStaff2014
A Holocene East Asian winter monsoon record at the southern edge of the Gobi Desert and its comparison with a transient simulation10.1007/s00382-014-2372-5Li, Yu; Morrill, CarrieCLIMATE DYNAMICSINCITECLI017Washington, Warren2015
A Hybrid Global Ocean Data Assimilation System at NCEP10.1175/MWR-D-14-00376.1Penny, Stephen G.; Behringer, David W.; Carton, James A.; Kalnay, EugeniaMONTHLY WEATHER REVIEWINCITECLI028Compo, Gilbert2015
A Kinetic Vlasov Model for Plasma Simulation Using Discontinuous Galerkin Method on Many-Core ArchitecturesRedder, NoahUniversity of WashingtonDDCSC133HIll, Judith2016
A Large-Scale Study of Soft-Errors on GPUs in the Field10.1109/HPCA.2016.7446091Nie, Bin; Tiwari, Devesh; Gupta, Saurabh; Smirni, Evgenia; Rogers, James22nd IEEE SYMPOSIUM ON HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE (HPCA)STAFFSTAFFTiwari,Devesh2016
A Lightweight Approach to Performance Portability with targetDP10.1177/1094342016682071Gray, Alan; Stratford, KevinThe International Journal of High Performance Computing ApplicationsINCITECSC102, CSC206Smith,Lorna, Gray,Alan2016
A Markov State-based Quantitative Kinetic Model of Sodium Release from the Dopamine Transporter10.1038/srep40076Razavi, Asghar M.; Khelashvili, George; Weinstein, HarelSCIENTIFIC REPORTSALCCBIP109Weinstein, Harel2017
A More Realistic Way of Stressing the End-to-end I/O SystemLarrea, Veronica; Oral, Sarp; Leverman, Dustin; Nam, Hai; Wang, Feiyi; Simmons, JamesPROCEEDINGS OF THE CRAY USER GROUPSTAFFSTAFFSTAFF2015
A Multi-Faceted Approach to Job Placement for Improved Performance on Extreme-Scale SystemsZimmer, Christopher; Gupta, Saurabh; Atchley, Scott; Vazhkudai, Sudharshan S.; Albing, CarlSC '16: PROCEEDINGS OF THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING, NETWORKING, STORAGE AND ANALYSIS2016
A Multiple-Set Overlapping-Domain Decomposed Monte Carlo Synthetic Acceleration Method for Linear Systems10.1051/snamc/201404211Slattery, Stuart R.; Evans, Thomas M.; Wilson, Paul P. H.SNA + MC 2013 - JOINT INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SUPERCOMPUTING IN NUCLEAR APPLICATIONS + MONTE CARLOALCCNFI011Tara Marie Pandya2016
A Multiwavenumber Theory for Eddy Diffusivities and Its Application to the Southeast Pacific (DIMES) Region10.1175/JPO-D-14-0229.1Chen, Ru; Gille, Sarah T.; McClean, Julie L.; Flierl, Glenn R.; Griesel, AlexaJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL OCEANOGRAPHYINCITECLI115Taylor, Mark2015
A Novel and Functional Single-Layer Sheet of ZnSe10.1021/am505655mZhou, Jia; Sumpter, Bobby G.; Kent, Paul R. C.; Huang, JingsongACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACESINCITEMAT044Kent, Paul2015
A Parallel Solver for Markov Decision Process in Crowd Simulations10.1109/MICAI.2015.23Ruiz, Sergio; Hernandez, Benjamin2015 FOURTEENTH MEXICAN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (MICAI)2015
A Performance Model for Allocating the Parallelism in a Multigrid-in-Time Solver10.1109/PMBS.2016.8Gahvari, Hormozd; Dobrev, Veselin A.; Falgout, Robert D.; Kolev, Tzanio V.; Schroder, Jacob B.; Schulz, Martin; Yang, Ulrike MeierPROCEEDINGS OF PMBS 2016: 7TH INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON PERFORMANCE MODELING, BENCHMARKING AND SIMULATION OF HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING SYSTEMSINCITECSC103Leonid Oliker2016
A Practical Approach to Reconciling Availability, Performance, and Capacity in Provisioning Extreme-scale Storage Systems10.1145/2807591.2807615Wan, Lipeng; Wang, Feiyi; Oral, Sarp; Tiwari, Devesh; Vazhkudai, Sudharshan S.; Cao, QingPROCEEDINGS OF SC15: THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING, NETWORKING, STORAGE AND ANALYSISSTAFFSTAFFSTAFF2015
A Scalable Algorithm for Radiative Heat Transfer Using Reverse Monte Carlo Ray Tracing10.1007/978-3-319-20119-1_16Humphrey, Alan; Harman, Todd; Berzins, Martin; Smith, PhillipHIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING, ISC HIGH PERFORMANCE 2015ALCCCMB109Berzins, Martin2015
A Step towards Energy Efficient Computing: Redesigning A Hydrodynamic Application on CPU-GPU10.1109/IPDPS.2014.103Dong, Tingxing; Dobrev, Veselin; Kolev, Tzanio; Rieben, Robert; Tomov, Stanimire; Dongarra, Jack2014 IEEE 28TH INTERNATIONAL PARALLEL AND DISTRIBUTED PROCESSING SYMPOSIUMINCITECSC103Oliker, Leonid2014
A Structural Study of CESA1 Catalytic Domain of Arabidopsis Cellulose Synthesis Complex: Evidence for CESA Trimers10.1104/pp.15.01356Vandavasi, Venu Gopal; Putnam, Daniel K.; Zhang, Qiu; Petridis, Loukas; Heller, William T.; Nixon, B. Tracy; Haigler, Candace H.; Kalluri, Udaya; Coates, Leighton; Langan, Paul; Smith, Jeremy C.; Meiler, Jens; O'Neill, HughPLANT PHYSIOLOGY2016
A Study of Complex Deep Learning Networks on High Performance, Neuromorphic, and Quantum Computers10.1109/MLHPC.2016.9Potok, Thomas E.; Schuman, Catherine D.; Young, Steven R.; Patton, Robert M.; Spedalieri, Federico; Liu, Jeremy; Yao, Ke-Thia; Rose, Garrett; Chakma, GangotreePROCEEDINGS OF 2016 2ND WORKSHOP ON MACHINE LEARNING IN HPC ENVIRONMENTS (MLHPC)DDCSC160Patton, Robert2016
A WENO-limited, ADER-DT, finite-volume scheme for efficient, robust, and communication-avoiding multi-dimensional transport10.1016/, Matthew R.JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICSSTAFFSTAFFSTAFF2014
A broadly-applicable unified closure relation for Taylor bubble rise velocity in pipes with stagnant liquid10.1016/j.ijmultiphaseflow.2016.11.001Lizarraga-Garcia, E.; Buongiorno, J.; Al-Safran, E.; Lakehal, D.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MULTIPHASE FLOWDDDevelopment of a New, High-Fidelity, CFD-Informed Closure Relation for Taylor Bubble Velocity in Slug Flow in Pipes with Horizontal to Vertical InclinationsBuongiorno, Jacob2017
A case study of CUDA FORTRAN and OpenACC for an atmospheric climate kernel10.1016/j.jocs.2015.04.022Norman, Matthew; Larkin, Jeffrey; Vose, Aaron; Evans, KatherineJOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCESTAFFSTAFFSTAFF2015
A catalog of high-impact windstorms in Switzerland since 185910.5194/nhess-14-2867-2014Stucki, P.; Brnoenimann, S.; Martius, O.; Welker, C.; Imhof, M.; von Wattenwyl, N.; Philipp, N.NATURAL HAZARDS AND EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCESINCITECLI028Compo, Gilbert2014
A collection of sub-daily pressure and temperature observations for the early instrumental period with a focus on the "year without a summer" 181610.5194/cp-11-1027-2015Brugnara, Y.; Auchmann, R.; Broennimann, S.; Allan, R. J.; Auer, I.; Barriendos, M.; Bergstrom, H.; Bhend, J.; Brazdil, R.; Compo, G. P.; Cornes, R. C.; Dominguez-Castro, F.; van Engelen, A. F. V.; Filipiak, J.; Holopainen, J.; Jourdain, S.; Kunz, M.; Luterbacher, J.; Maugeri, M.; Mercalli, L.; Moberg, A.; Mock, C. J.; Pichard, G.; Reznickova, L.; van der Schrier, G.; Slonosky, V.; Ustrnul, Z.; Valente, M. A.; Wypych, A.; Yin, X.CLIMATE OF THE PASTINCITECLI028Compo, Gilbert2015
A comparative study of coarse-graining methods for polymeric fluids: Mori-Zwanzig vs. iterative Boltzmann inversion vs. stochastic parametric optimization10.1063/1.4959121Li, Zhen; Bian, Xin; Yang, Xiu; Karniadakis, George EmJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICSINCITEBIP118Karniadakis, George2016
A comparative study of surface energies and water adsorption on Ce- bastnasite, La- bastnaasite, and calcite via density functional theory and water adsorption calorimetry10.1039/c7cp00811bSrinivasan, Sriram Goverapet; Shivaramaiah, Radha; Kent, Paul R. C.; Stack, Andrew G.; Riman, Richard; Anderko, Andre; Navrotsky, Alexandra; Bryantsev, Vyacheslav S.PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICSDDCHM116Bryantsev, Vyacheslav2017
A conductive heat transfer model for particle flows over immersed surfaces10.1016/j.ijheatmasstransfer.2015.06.004Morris, A. B.; Pannala, S.; Ma, Z.; Hrenya, C. M.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFERALCCPHY104Hrenya, Christine2015
A conservative scheme of drift kinetic electrons for gyrokinetic simulation of kinetic-MHD processes in toroidal plasmas10.1063/1.4995455Bao, J.; Liu, D.; Lin, Z.Physics of PlasmasDD, ALCCFUS107Lin, Zhihong2017
A coupled, multiphase heat flux boundary condition for the discrete element method10.1016/j.cej.2016.07.004Lattanzi, Aaron M.; Hrenya, Christine M.CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNALALCCPHY104Hrenya, Christine2016
A deterministic alternative to the full configuration interaction quantum Monte Carlo method10.1063/1.4955109Tubman, Norm M.; Lee, Joonho; Takeshita, Tyler Y.; Head-Gordon, Martin; Whaley, K. BirgittaJOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICSINCITECPH103Ceperley, David2016
A diagnostic analysis on the effect of the residual layer in convective boundary layer development near Mongolia using 20th century reanalysis data10.1007/s00376-014-4164-6Han Bo, undefined; Zhao Cailing, undefined; Lu Shihua, undefined; Wang Xin, undefinedADVANCES IN ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCESINCITECLI028Compo, Gilbert2015
A framework for stochastic simulations and visualization of biological electron-transfer dynamics10.1016/j.cpc.2015.03.009Nakano, C. Masato; Byun, Hye Suk; Ma, Heng; Wei, Tao; El-Naggar, Mohamed Y.COMPUTER PHYSICS COMMUNICATIONSDDMAT104Wei, Tao2015
A fully non-linear multi-species Fokker-Planck-Landau collision operator for simulation of fusion plasma10.1016/, Robert; Yoon, E. S.; Ku, S.; D'Azevedo, E. F.; Worley, P. H.; Chang, C. S.JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICSINCITEENV003Chang, C.S.2016
A functional test platform for the Community Land Model10.1016/j.envsoft.2014.01.015Wang, Dali; Xu, Yang; Thornton, Peter; King, Anthony; Steed, Chad; Gu, Lianhong; Schuchart, JosephENVIRONMENTAL MODELLING & SOFTWAREINCITECLI017Washington, Warren2014
A histogram-free multicanonical Monte Carlo algorithm for the construction of analytical density of states10.1145/3093172.3093235EISENBACH, MARKUS; LI, YING WAIPASC '17 Proceedings of the Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing Conference2017
A hybrid computational strategy to address WGS variant analysis in > 5000 samples10.1186/s12859-016-1211-6Huang, Zhuoyi; Rustagi, Navin; Veeraraghavan, Narayanan; Carroll, Andrew; Gibbs, Richard; Boerwinkle, Eric; Venkata, Manjunath Gorentla; Yu, FuliBMC BIOINFORMATICSDDBIF103Venkata, Manjunath Gorentla2016
A laboratory study of asymmetric magnetic reconnection in strongly driven plasmas10.1038/ncomms7190Rosenberg, M. J.; Li, C. K.; Fox, W.; Igumenshchev, I.; Seguin, F. H.; Town, R. P. J.; Frenje, J. A.; Stoeckl, C.; Glebov, V.; Petrasso, R. D.NATURE COMMUNICATIONSDDPHY101Bhattacharjee, Amitava2015
A local framework for calculating coupled cluster singles and doubles excitation energies (LoFEx-CCSD)10.1080/00268976.2017.1290836Baudin, Pablo; BYKOV, DMYTRO; LIAKH, DMYTRO; ETTENHUBER, PATRICK; KRISTENSEN, KASPERMolecular PhysicsINCITECHP100Jorgensen, Poul2017
A major advance of tropical Andean glaciers during the Antarctic cold reversal10.1038/nature13546Jomelli, V.; Favier, V.; Vuille, M.; Braucher, R.; Martin, L.; Blard, P. -H.; Colose, C.; Brunstein, D.; He, F.; Khodri, M.; Bourles, D. L.; Leanni, L.; Rinterknecht, V.; Grancher, D.; Francou, B.; Ceballos, J. L.; Fonseca, H.; Liu, Z.; Otto-Bliesner, B. L.NATUREINCITECLI017Washington, Warren2014
A measurement of material in the ATLAS tracker using secondary hadronic interactions in 7 TeV p p collisions10.1088/1748-0221/11/11/P11020Collaboration, ATLASJOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATIONDDCSC108Panitkin, Sergey2016
A measurement of the calorimeter response to single hadrons and determination of the jet energy scale uncertainty using LHC Run-1 pp-collision data with the ATLAS detector10.1140/epjc/s10052-016-4580-0Collaboration, ATLASEUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL CDDCSC108Panitkin, Sergey2017
A multi-century tree-ring record of spring flooding on the Mississippi River10.1016/j.jhydrol.2014.11.005Therrell, Matthew D.; Bialecki, Margaret B.JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGYINCITECLI028Compo, Gilbert2015
A multi-model and multi-index evaluation of drought characteristics in the 21st century10.1016/j.jhydrol.2014.12.011Touma, Danielle; Ashfaq, Moetasim; Nayak, Munir A.; Kao, Shih-Chieh; Diffenbaugh, Noah S.JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGYDDCLI105Ashfaq, Moetasim2015
A multiscale modeling framework model (superparameterized CAM5) with a higher-order turbulence closure: Model description and low-cloud simulations10.1002/2014MS000375Wang, Minghuai; Larson, Vincent E.; Ghan, Steven; Ovchinnikov, Mikhail; Schanen, David P.; Xiao, Heng; Liu, Xiaohong; Rasch, Philip; Guo, ZhunJOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN MODELING EARTH SYSTEMSALCCCLI063Rasch, Philip2015
A new and inexpensive non-bit-for-bit solution reproducibility test based on time step convergence (TSC1.0)10.5194/gmd-10-537-2017Wan, Hui; Zhang, Kai; Rasch, Philip J.; Singh, Balwinder; Chen, Xingyuan; Edwards, JimGEOSCIENTIFIC MODEL DEVELOPMENTALCCCLI112Thornton, Peter2017
A new ensemble-based consistency test for the Community Earth System Model (pyCECT v1.0)10.5194/gmd-8-2829-2015Baker, A. H.; Hammerling, D. M.; Levy, M. N.; Xu, H.; Dennis, J. M.; Eaton, B. E.; Edwards, J.; Hannay, C.; Mickelson, S. A.; Neale, R. B.; Nychka, D.; Shollenberger, J.; Tribbia, J.; Vertenstein, M.; Williamson, D.Geoscientific Model DevelopmentINCITECLI017Washington, Warren2015
A new hybrid-Lagrangian numerical scheme for gyrokinetic simulation of tokamak edge plasma10.1016/, S.; Hager, R.; Chang, C. S.; Kwon, J. M.; Parker, S. E.JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICSINCITEENV003Chang, C.S.2016
A new look at ocean ventilation time scales and their uncertainties10.1002/2016JC012529Fine, Rana A.; Peacock, Synte; Maltrud, Mathew E.; Bryan, Frank O.JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-OCEANS2017
A new paradigm for petascale Monte Carlo simulation: Replica exchange Wang-Landau sampling10.1088/1742-6596/510/1/012012Li, Ying Wai; Vogel, Thomas; Wuest, Thomas; Landau, David P.25TH IUPAP CONFERENCE ON COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS (CCP2013)INCITEMAT020Eisenbach, Markus2014
A new scaling approach for the mesoscale simulation of magnetic domain structures using Monte Carlo simulations10.1016/j.jmmm.2017.01.064Radhakrishnan, B.; Eisenbach, M.; Burress, T. A.JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALSALCCMAT143Radhakrishnan, Balasubramaniam2017
A novel web informatics approach for automated surveillance of cancer mortality trends10.1016/j.jbi.2016.03.027Tourassi, Georgia; Yoon, Hong-Jun; Xu, SonghuaJOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL INFORMATICSDDMED100Tourassi, Georgia2016
A parallel multi-domain solution methodology applied to nonlinear thermal transport problems in nuclear fuel pins10.1016/, Bobby; Berrill, Mark A.; Allu, Srikanth; Hamilton, Steven P.; Sampath, Rahul S.; Clarno, Kevin T.; Dilts, Gary A.JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICSALCCNFI011Turner, John2015
A performance model for the communication in fast multipole methods on high-performance computing platforms10.1177/1094342016634819Ibeid, Huda; Yokota, Rio; Keyes, DavidINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING APPLICATIONSINCITECSC103Oliker, Leonid2016
A prospect for computing in porous materials research: Very large fluid flow simulations10.1016/j.jocs.2015.11.013Mattila, Keijo; Puurtinen, Tuomas; Hyvaluoma, Jari; Surmas, Rodrigo; Myllys, Markko; Turpeinen, Tuomas; Robertsen, Fredrik; Westerholm, Jan; Timonen, JussiJOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCEINCITECSC102Smith, Lorna2016
A quantitative model of application slow-down in multi-resource shared systems10.1016/j.peva.2016.10.004Lim, Seung-Hwan; Kim, YoungjaePERFORMANCE EVALUATIONDDCSC249Kannan, Ramakrishnan2017
A review of predictive nonlinear theories for multiscale modeling of heterogeneous materials10.1016/, Karel; Geers, Marc G. D.; Kouznetsova, Varvara G.; Gillman, AndrewJOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICSALCCCSC188Voigt,Robert2017
A scalable framework for the global offline community land model ensemble simulation10.1504/IJCSE.2016.074565Wang, Dali; Domke, Jens; Mao, Jiafu; Shi, Xiaoying; Ricciuto, Daniel M.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERINGddCLI017Warren Washington ,Susan C Bates2016
A scalable geometric multigrid method for non-symmetric linear systems arising from elliptic equationsEsmaily-Moghadam, M.; Jofre, L; Iaccarino, G.; Mani, A.Stanford University Center for Turbulence ResearchALCCCSC188Voigt,Robert2015
A semi-local spectral/hp element solver for linear elasticity problems10.1002/nme.4739Yu, Yue; Bittencourt, Marco L.; Karniadakis, George EmINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR NUMERICAL METHODS IN ENGINEERINGINCITEBIP017Karniadakis, George2014
A spectral transform dynamical core option within the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM4)10.1002/2014MS000329Evans, Katherine J.; Mahajan, Salil; Branstetter, Marcia; McClean, Julie L.; Caron, Julie; Maltrud, Matthew E.; Hack, James J.; Bader, David C.; Neale, Richard; Leifeld, Juliann K.JOURNAL OF ADVANCES IN MODELING EARTH SYSTEMSDDCLI049Hack, James2014
A stable snow-atmosphere coupled mode10.1007/s00382-015-2952-zZhao, Liang; Zhu, Yuxiang; Liu, Haiwen; Liu, Zhongfang; Liu, Yanju; Li, Xiuping; Chen, ZhouCLIMATE DYNAMICSINCITECLI028Compo, Gil2016
A study of the impact of scheduling parameters in heterogeneous computing environments10.1109/WSC.2014.7019953Powers, S.; ,2014 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC)DDCSC040Imam, Neena2014
A survey of high level frameworks in block-structured adaptive mesh refinement packages10.1016/j.jpdc.2014.07.001Dubey, Anshu; Almgren, Ann; Bell, John; Berzins, Martin; Brandt, Steve; Bryan, Greg; Colella, Phillip; Graves, Daniel; Lijewski, Michael; Loeffler, Frank; O'Shea, Brian; Schnetter, Erik; Van Straalen, Brian; Weide, KlausJOURNAL OF PARALLEL AND DISTRIBUTED COMPUTINGINCITECMB015 & CMB021Berzins, Martin2014
A twentieth-century reanalysis forced ocean model to reconstruct the North Atlantic climate variation during the 1920s10.1007/s00382-014-2267-5Mueller, W. A.; Matei, D.; Bersch, M.; Jungclaus, J. H.; Haak, H.; Lohmann, K.; Compo, G. P.; Sardeshmukh, P. D.; Marotzke, J.CLIMATE DYNAMICSINCITECLI028Compo, Gilbert2015
A wave-based model for cross-beam energy transfer in direct-drive inertial confinement fusion10.1063/1.4982059Myatt, J. F.; Follett, R. K.; Shaw, J. G.; Edgell, D. H.; Froula, D. H.; Igumenshchev, I. V.; Goncharov, V. N.PHYSICS OF PLASMASDDFUS113Shaw, John Gary2017
AIM for Allostery: Using the Ising Model to Understand Information Processing and Transmission in Allosteric Biomolecular Systems10.3390/e17052895LeVine, Michael V.; Weinstein, HarelENTROPYALCCBIP109Weinstein, Harel2015
AMRZone: A Runtime AMR Data Sharing Framework For Scientific Applications10.1109/CCGrid.2016.62Zhang, Wenzhao; Tang, Houjun; Harenberg, Steve; Byna, Surendra; Zou, Xiaocheng; Devendran, Dharshi; Martin, Daniel F.; Wu, Kesheng; Dong, Bin; Klasky, Scott; Samatova, Nagiza F.2016 16TH IEEE/ACM INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON CLUSTER, CLOUD AND GRID COMPUTING (CCGRID)DDCSC143Klasky,Scott2016
AP1000 PWR Startup Core Modeling and Simulation with CASL-CS (ANFM V)Franceschini, Fausto; GODFREY, ANDREW; STIMPSON, SHANE; EVANS, THOMAS; COLLINS, BENJAMIN; GEHIN, JESS; TURNER, JOHN; Graham, Aaron; Downar, ThomasF Advances in Nuclear Fuel Management V (ANFM 2015)ES_2013 & (ALCC)NFI101 & (NFI011)Turner, John2015
Ab Initio Coupled-Cluster Effective Interactions for the Shell Model: Application to Neutron-Rich Oxygen and Carbon Isotopes10.1103/PhysRevLett.113.142502Jansen, G. R.; Engel, J.; Hagen, G.; Navratil, P.; Signoracci, A.PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERSINCITENPH008Vary, James2014
Ab Initio NCSM/RGM for Three-Body Cluster Systems and Application to He-4+n+n10.1007/s00601-014-0876-5Romero-Redondo, C.; Navratil, P.; Quaglioni, S.; Hupin, G.FEW-BODY SYSTEMSINCITENPH008Vary, James2014
Ab Initio Thermodynamics and Kinetics for Coalescence of Two-Dimensional Nanoislands and Nanopits on Metal (100) Surfaces10.1021/acs.jpcc.6b07328Han, Yong; Stoldt, Conrad R.; Thiel, Patricia A.; Evans, James W.JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CDDMAT112Yong Han2016
Ab initio Bogoliubov coupled cluster theory for open-shell nuclei10.1103/PhysRevC.91.064320Signoracci, A.; Duguet, T.; Hagen, G.; Jansen, G. R.PHYSICAL REVIEW CINCITENPH008Vary, James P.2015
Ab initio Calculation of the np -> d gamma Radiative Capture Process10.1103/PhysRevLett.115.132001Beane, Silas R.; Chang, Emmanuel; Detmold, William; Orginos, Kostas; Parreo, Assumpta; Savage, Martin J.; Tiburzi, Brian C.PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERSALCCNPH104Savage, Martin2015
Ab initio Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations of Spin Superexchange in Cuprates: The Benchmarking Case of Ca2CuO310.1103/PhysRevX.4.031003Foyevtsova, Kateryna; Krogel, Jaron T.; Kim, Jeongnim; Kent, P. R. C.; Dagotto, Elbio; Reboredo, Fernando A.PHYSICAL REVIEW XINCITEMAT044Kent, Paul2014
Ab initio calculations of reactions of light nuclei10.1051/epjconf/201714612022Hupin, Guillaume; Quaglioni, Sofia; Navratil, PetrEPJ Web of ConferencesINCITENPH008Vary, James Patrick2017
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