The EVEREST facility is a scientific laboratory deployed and managed by the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF). The primary mission of this laboratory is to provide tools to be leveraged by scientists for analysis and visualization of simulation data generated on the OLCF supercomputers.

Three computing systems are currently provided in the laboratory. These consist of a distributed memory Linux cluster, a shared memory Linux node, and a shared memory Windows node. Access to the Linux computing resources requires an EVEREST account and an RSA Secure ID. Access to the Windows computing resources requires a standard ORNL UCAMS account and does not require a specific EVEREST account.

Two tiled display walls are provided. The primary display wall spans 30.5’ x 8.5’ and consists of 18 1920×1080 stereoscopic Barco projection displays arranged in a 6 x 3 configuration. The secondary display wall consists 16 1920×1080 Planar displays arrange in a 4 x 4 configuration providing a standard 16:9 aspect ratio.

There are four additional peripheral video inputs located on pop-out boxes in the conference table. Each input supports both digital DVI and analog VGA. Users of the laboratory are welcome to control either wall using personal hardware that is brought into the laboratory. Power outlets are provided at the conference table.

The laboratory instruments are controlled using a touch panel interface located at the control desk. All computing resources can be routed to any available display wall. User hardware using the video input ports on the conference table can also be routed via the touch panel.

Laboratory Access
Access to the laboratory is available to all OLCF scientists and their collaborators.

For laboratory access, please contact Kat Engstrom at kae@ornl.gov.

To request an EVEREST account, please submit an account application here: https://www.olcf.ornl.gov/support/getting-started/olcf-user-account-application/

General Use

BARCO = 11,520 x 3,240
(32:9 aspect ratio)
[1920×1080] [1920×1080] [1920×1080] [1920×1080] [1920×1080] [1920×1080]
[1920×1080] [1920×1080] [1920×1080] [1920×1080] [1920×1080] [1920×1080]
[1920×1080] [1920×1080] [1920×1080] [1920×1080] [1920×1080] [1920×1080]

Windows Node/ Linux Node (scaled through processor) = 3,840 x 1,080
[1920 x 1080] [1920 x 1080]

PLANAR = 7,680 x 4,320
(16:9 aspect ratio)
[1920 x 1080] [1920 x 1080] [1920 x 1080] [1920 x 1080]
[1920 x 1080] [1920 x 1080] [1920 x 1080] [1920 x 1080]
[1920 x 1080] [1920 x 1080] [1920 x 1080] [1920 x 1080]
[1920 x 1080] [1920 x 1080] [1920 x 1080] [1920 x 1080]

Visiting the Laboratory
An observation panel has been installed so that general tour groups can view the EVEREST laboratory while the facility is in use. Those requesting EVEREST protocol tours should contact Kat Engstrom at kae@ornl.gov.