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IOTA is an I/O tuning and profiling tool which can be used to help applications make more efficient use of system resources. At present, tuning support is limited to the LustreÆ filesystem. IOTA consists of a set of libraries, compiled for the application execution environment (currently, Linux for the x86-64 processor and UNICOS/lcô for the Cray XT3ô), support for Environment Modules, a sample profile data reduction application (riota), and man pages.

The IOTA tool is used by linking in the applicable IOTA library with the application to be studied and/or tuned. Under Linux, this is done by setting the environmental variable, LD_PRELOAD to the path of the Linux installation of the IOTA library. In the case of UNICOS/lcô, the application must be explicitly relinked to a static instantiation of the IOTA library since dynamic load libraries are not supported.

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