Vampir and Score-P Training

Vampir is an established performance tool for visualizing and analyzing the behavior of highly parallel HPC applications. It is supported by the Score-P tool, which can be used to fully record the runtime behavior of HPC applications. Especially when using several parallel programming paradigms or shared HPC resources (I/O), this offers a detailed insight into the application. The workshop introduces the use of Vampir and Score-P for the interactive and visual analysis of the runtime behavior of HPC applications. 

This training will feature a first day of lessons and hands on exercises. The second day will give users an opportunity to bring their own codes and instrument them for performance analysis with help from Score-P and Vampir developers. To take advantage of this you must have a code that is already complied and working on an OLCF resource. 


  • You are an OLCF user with access to Summit  
  • Knowledge of Compiling and running parallel applications (any of MPI, OpenMP, CUDA) from the command line prompt 
  • Knowledge of modifying source code on the command line prompt 

 You will have the  opportunity to learn how to:  

  • Apply a performance engineering cycle to a parallel program 
  • Reduce overhead caused by instrumentation 
  • Find typical performance bottlenecks via visual analysis 
Joining Information

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Draft Agenda  

19 January  

Time (all times EST) Topic Presenter
  9:00 AM Introduction to Performance Engineering  William Williams
  9:35 AM Basic Score-P Instrumentation  Bert Wesarg
 10:10 AM Break 
 10:20 AM Scoring Measurement Overhead  William Williams
 10:55 AM Vampir With Case Studies   Bert Wesarg
 11:30 AM Close


20 January  

Time (all times EST) Topic
9:00-11:00 AM Bring-your-own-code hands-on: work with the instructors on instrumentation and performance analysis of real code using Score-P and Vampir


Jan 19 2022 - Jan 20 2022


9:00 am - 11:30 pm




Suzanne Parete-Koon
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