June 2023 OLCF User Conference Call: Blender on Frontier

The OLCF hosts monthly User Conference Calls. These calls are your opportunity to speak with center personnel to get the latest updates, express any concerns you may have, etc. No registration is required for this event.

Monthly Topic: Blender on Frontier

Speakers: Michael Sandoval (OLCF)

Abstract: Blender is a free open-source software for 3D visualization that is typically used for projects involving 3D modeling, rigging, animation, video games, and VR. Blender has the ability to produce high-quality renders of 3D surfaces and point clouds using Python API, which introduces a niche use case of using Blender for scientific data visualization. Although the tool typically runs using a GUI, it can be installed in headless mode to be used on the command prompt, which introduces an even more specialized use case of using Blender in the HPC realm. This talk will highlight Blender’s rendering performance on Frontier, provide example use cases for science, and show visualizations produced so far.

Presentation: Slides | Recording

Remote Attendees: Zoom coordinates will be sent to the OLCF Users approximately one week before the event.


Jun 28 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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