PGI Workshop

Representatives from PGI will be here to discuss their latest compiler version 11.7, including CUDA Fortran. This training is intended for OLCF/NICS/CCSD staff members wishing to learn more about the latest updates to PGI’s compilers.

Registration is required. Only those who have access to the ORNL campus can attend this workshop in person. This training event will also be webcast for those who cannot attend in person. Directions for joining the webcast will be emailed separately.

[tab: Overview]

On July 26th, representatives from PGI will be here to discuss the latest version of the PGI compiler (v. 11.7). PGI has also offered to stay on for the remainder of the day and an extra day (July 27th) to be available for one-on-one code sessions to better understand the applications to see where PGI might be able to help.

There will be an approximately two-hour presentation on compilers with the remainder of the time left for one-on-one discussions.

[tab: Agenda] CUDA Fortran – basic introduction
The Cuda Fortran !$CUF directive
CUDA Fortran and Fortran 2003 – CPU/GPU operator overloading and OO programming

PGI Accelerator

  • Accelerating programs with flat profiles
  • Accelerating programs with profile spikes
  • Overlapping communication and computation
  • Kernel tuning techniques
  • Additional performance improvements

Timing programs

  • Timing kernels
  • Asynchronous kernel launch timing

Pressing ORNL issues?

A PGI representative will be here all day on the 26th and the 27th to discuss applications or any relevant topic. If you are interested in scheduling some time, please contact Robert Whitten (


Jul 26 2011 - Jul 27 2011


ORNL Beach River Room (B: 1520 R: 202)
1 Bethel Valley Road


Robert Whitten
(865) 241-1196
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