OpenMP Offload Part 2: Optimization and Data Management 2023

Introduction to OpenMP Offload Part 2: Optimization and Data Management

October 6, 2023
12:00 – 2:30 PM (EDT)
Virtual via Zoom
Contact: Suzanne Parete-Koon (

This session, offered by OLCF and NERSC, is part of the Performance Portability Training Series.


The OpenMP API is a scalable model that gives parallel programmers a simple and flexible interface for developing portable parallel applications in C/C++ and Fortran. In its inception it was targeted for shared memory parallelism, however current versions of OpenMP also enable data and program execution to offload from the host CPU to target GPUS and their associated memory on the same node.

This is part 2 of a series of OpenMP Offload training that will enable application teams and developers to accelerate their code with the use of GPUs, as well as exploiting the latest OpenMP functionality to program multi-core platforms like Summit and Perlmutter.

For part 2 OLCF/NERSC staff will cover optimization strategies and show how efficient data movement and a better understanding of the hierarchy of parallelism available can lead to improved performance. NERSC/OLCF staff will also cover best practices for OpenMP Offload.

Hands-on exercises will follow the lectures. The hands-on sessions will be performed on OLCF Frontier and NERSC Perlmutter. Participants without existing accounts will be provided training accounts on Perlmutter.

Time (EDT)SessionPresenter
12:00 p.m.WelcomeSuzanne Parete-Koon, OLCF HPC Engineer, ORNL
12:05 p.m.Introduction to OpenMP Offload: Data MovementSwaroop Pophale, Computer Scientist, CSMD, ORNL
12:50 p.m.Best Practices for OpenMPRahul Gayatri, Application Performance Specialist, NERSC
1:20 p.m.Hands-on IntroductionWael Elwasif, Computer Scientist, ORNL
1:40 p.m.Hands-on Time
2:30 p.m.Close Zoom

Slides and Recording

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Oct 06 2023


12:00 pm - 2:30 pm
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