Intel Compiler Training

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Section 1-Intel Cluster Studio XE-2 hours Introduction to Intel MPI and Cluster tools
-David Kunzman

1. Intel MPI Library
a. Overview
b. What’s New in the latest release
2. Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector
a. Tracing your MPI application with Intel Trace Collector
b. Performance analysis with Intel Trace Analyzer
c. Ideal Interconnect Simulator & Imbalance Diagrams
d. Demo
e. MPI Correctness Checking
3. Intel MPI Benchmarks

Section 2-Introdcution to Intel Compilers (Composer XE)-1.5 hours
-Ron Green

1. Introduction to Intel Compilers
2. Optimization Essentials with the Intel Compiler
a. Optimization basics
b. Compiling for AVX
3. Forcing/Controlling Vectorization with pragma SIMD
4. Multi-Core, Cilk+, and OpenMP

Section 3-Introduction to Intel Performance and Threading analysis tools-2 hours

Introduction to Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE 2013
-David Kunzman

1. Types of Analysis
a. Hotspots Analysis
b. Concurrency/Locks and Waits Analysis
c. CPU Event Based Analysis
2. Advanced Features
3. Command Line Analysis
4. Remote Data Collection
5. Result Comparison
6. What’s New in the latest release

Introduction to Intel® Inspector XE 2013
-David Mackay

1. Types of Analysis
a. Memory Checking Analysis
b. Threading Analysis
c. Static Analysis
2. Preparing Sources
3. Managing Results
4. Advanced Features

Introduction to Intel Advisor XE 2013
-David Mackay

1. Supported Environments, Installation
2. Locating Potential Threading sites
3. Simulating Parallelism with Annotations
a. Modeling scalability
b. Detecting data races
4. Evaluating potential parallel models

Section 4-Introduction to Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL)-1 hour
-Zhang Zhang

1. Latest features
2. Current Work

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May 21 2014


JICS Auditorium, Building 5100
1 Bethel Valley Roak


Fernanda Foertter
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