Heterogeneous Supercomputing on ORNL’s Titan


The Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility’s (OLCF) next leadership-class system, Titan, will thrust heterogeneous computing to the forefront of supercomputing and bring along with it a new set of programming challenges. This BoF will provide an introduction to the specific tools and techniques that the OLCF plans to offer in order to address these challenges and then transition into an open discussion. During these discussions, participants are encouraged to share their difficulties or expected difficulties with porting their scientific code to a massively hybrid system like Titan. The intent of this BoF is to provide an avenue to discuss specifically what the OLCF can provide to ease the transition into heterogenous computing on Titan.

Session Leader Details

Adam B. Simpson (Primary Session Leader) – ORNL
Anthony DiGirolamo (Secondary Session Leader) – ORNL


Nov 17 2011


SC11 Washington State Convention Center; RM:WSCC 3B
800 Convention Place
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