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CAPS Workshop

The Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) will host a workshop on HMPP, a software tool developed by CAPS Enterprises. HMPP is a directive-based approach for compiling hybrid applications. The workshop consists of three days of training by the vendor followed by two days of one-on-one discussions about specific applications.

If you would like to schedule time for a one-on-one discussion, please let us know as soon as possible by sending an email to Robert Whitten.

This workshop is limited to CCSD staff who have an interest in this product. Only individuals with access to ORNL campus may attend.

[tab: Overview] A description of HMPP from the CAPS Enterprises website:

Based on C and FORTRAN directives, HMPP offers a high level abstraction for hybrid programming that fully leverages the computing power of stream processors without the complexity associated with GPU programming.

HMPP compiler integrates powerful data-parallel backends for NVIDIA CUDA and OpenCL that drastically reduce development time. The HMPP runtime ensures application deployment on multi-GPU systems. Software assets are kept independent from both hardware platforms and commercial software. While preserving portability and hardware interoperability, HMPP increases application performance and development productivity.

[tab: Agenda] Detailed Agenda


Sep 19 - 23 2011


ORNL (B: 5700 - L202/L204)
1 Bethel Valley Road


Robert Whitten
(865) 241-1196
[email protected]
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