BigNeuron Data Analyics and Visualization Hackathon

*This is an “InvOak Ridge National Laboratoryitation Only Event.”

BigNeuron is a large-scale community project aiming to bench-test on a common open platform as many open-source, automated neuron reconstruction algorithms as possible with very large scale, publicly available single 3D neuron image datasets acquired by several light microscopy methods. The bench-test results will be produced using some of the fastest supercomputers in the world and then compared and validated using multiple criteria carefully defined by the computational neuroscience community. The major results of BigNeuron include (1) a worldwide community-oriented and large single neuron morphology database, (2) a large set of open-source, community-based novel tools for neuroscience studies, (3) a standardized protocol and resource for any future scientists to study and reconstruct neuron morphology, and (4) a rich library of morphology feature definitions and algorithms to provide the basis of quality metrics and classification. BigNeuron project was sponsored by 15 organizations in the world, including Allen Institute for Brain Science (AIBS) and Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL).

With the great supercomputing resources especially at the Oak Ridge National Lab, to date BigNeuron has generated about 1.5 millions of neuron reconstructions, which constitute the largest known neuron reconstruction collection in the world. How to visualize and analyze these data becomes critically important for the community to understand and utilize these valuable datasets.

The goal of this hackathon is to provide related researchers a venue to quickly exchange ideas and prototype various analysis methods for these BigNeuron data. This hackathon requires attendees to work together in a hands-on, interactive, and collaborative manner. We also plan to use this hackathon to form the backbone of one or more landmark papers of the project..).)


Hanchuan Peng (Allen Institute for Brain Science)view-source:

Giorgio Ascoli (George Mason University)

Arvind Ramanathan (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Jack Wells (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Georgia Tourassi (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

[tab: Agenda]

Nov 16: visualization of BigNeuron data, cleaning and documentation of BigNeuron tools/procedures, advanced development of BigNeuron tools

Nov 17: visualization, consolidation, and analysis of BigNeuron data and tools, advanced development of BigNeuron tools

Nov 18: visualization and consolidation of BigNeuron data, preparation for Thursday/Friday presentations & discussions, advanced development of BigNeuron tools, check-in of part-time group

Nov 19: presentations of key data and results, analysis of BigNeuron data, publication plan, data release preparation

Nov 20: future-planning of BigNeuron (homework, to-dos for the London hackathon, grant-planning, data release preparation)

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Please click on link for maps and directions to ORNL and to Oak Ridge:


Nov 16 2015 - Nov 20 2015


ORNL Conference Center, Tennessee A (Room 202A), Bldg. 5200


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