Allinea DDT Training

The secret to successful debugging is in the methods and in the tools that are used. We show the easiest ways to get to the bottom of complex problems using Allinea DDT, and develop methods that make problems disappear quickly. You will learn quickly how to track down suspected memory problems or random application crashes on even the largest parallel or GPU codes.

Thursday April 16th 9am – 5pm EST

Local: CR 5200 RM 202C

8:30am Setup
9:00am Introduction to DDT and what’s new in DDT 5.0
9:30am Debugging at Petascale (with David Lecomber)
10:15am [Break] 10:30am Setting up the DDT remote client – Debug remotely from Windows/Mac/Linux
10:45am Crashes and Deadlocks – Easily find the cause of the problem
11:30am [Lunch Break BYOL] 12:30pm Watchpoints – Where is this variable being corrupted?
1:00pm Memory Debugging – Detecting memory errors, and catching leaks
1:30pm Non-interactive debugging – No need to stare at the screen while your job is scheduled
2:15pm Debugging with GPUs – CUDA and OpenACC
3:00pm [Break] 3:15pm Debugging Clinic – Get help debugging your code

Friday April 17th 9am – 12pm EST
Local: CR 5200 RM 214 (Emory)
Remote: TBD

9am – 12am Profiling Party and more debugging if there’s demand


Apr 16 2015
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