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Access to the Oak Ridge user facilities involves a two-fold process: (1) the review and approval of the user’s proposal and (2) an executed agreement between the user institution and UT-Battelle.

Acceptance of proposals depends on scientific merit, suitability of Oak Ridge facilities for the proposed project, and appropriateness of the work to Department of Energy objectives. Once a proposal is approved, the specific operating procedures, time allotted for work, user fees (if any), and collaborative arrangements will be determined.

Users of the facility typically operate remotely, although visitors are welcome. To visit the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF), contact the center.

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Visitors to Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) are welcome to take a tour of the OLCF. The center hosts more than 300 tours each year, giving members of Congress and other government officials, foreign guests, visiting researchers, and student and community groups an opportunity to observe the center’s world-class facilities in action.

Special guided, general orientation, and other “customized” tours are offered primarily for educational groups that are interested in learning more about the history, current missions, and research and development at ORNL. Advance registration is required. Other restrictions apply as well.

For specific information about OLCF tours, contact or Cara Kennedy  (,  241-6722).

For more information about the tour programs, contact Barbara Penland (, 865-574-3664).

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