Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) welcome visitors to the Laboratory. It is very important, if you are not a DOE or DOE contractor employee, to arrange your visit to ORNL and the OLCF ahead of time.  If you’re not sure how to arrange your visit, contact your OLCF host or the ORNL Visitor Services (, 865.574.7199).

If you are planning a visit to ORNL and the OLCF, your host will arrange for you to proceed past entrance stations on Bethel Valley Road leading to the Laboratory’s Visitor Center. Please be aware that effective March 30, 2015 ORNL became fully compliant with the REAL ID Act.  This Act requires that anyone accessing a Federal Facility, which ORNL is, must present a compliant form of identification. If you are from one of the noncompliant states, you will need to provide another form of approved identification. Here is a list of acceptable identification if you are from one of these states. If you are from a non-compliant state and you do not have another form of compliant identification, ORNL will allow you to access the site, but you will be required to be escorted during your visit.

Foreign national visitors must always present a Visa and Passport upon arrival at the ORNL Visitor Center.

For more information, see the following pages:

Visitor Information 
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Airport Information 
Driving Directions 
About the Region 


Visitors to ORNL can requests a tour of the OLCF. The facility hosts on average 300 tours each year, giving members of Congress and other government officials, foreign guests, visiting researchers, and student and community groups an opportunity to observe the center’s world-class facilities in action.

Special guided, general orientation, and other “customized” tours are offered primarily for educational groups that are interested in learning more about the history, current missions, and research and development at ORNL. Advanced registration is required. Other restrictions apply as well.

For more information about visiting ORNL and taking part in a public tour, contact Barbara Penland (, 865-574-3664).

For specific information about OLCF tours, please send an email to Cara Kennedy at