The OLCF User Group (OUG)

The purpose of OUG is to provide advice and feedback to the OLCF on the current and future state of OLCF operations and services. A ten-member OUG Executive Board will represent the OUG to the OLCF and serve as advocates for the OLCF user community.

The 2023/24 OUG Executive Board

Term Ends Affiliation Contact
Mike Zingale   2026 State University of New York Stony Brook
Emily Belli 2026 General Atomics
Scott Callaghan   2026 University of Southern California
Ana Cunha   2025 University of Antwerp
Eric Nielsen   2025 NASA Langley Research Center
Mark Coletti   2025 Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Evan Schneider   2024 University of Pittsburgh
Sara Isbill   2024 Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Steven Gottlieb 2024 Indiana University
André Walker-Loud   2024 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
† – Chair ‡ – Vice Chair

The OUG Charter

The Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility User Group (OUG) is the users group for the OLCF User Facility at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The OLCF is developed and maintained under the auspices of the Office of Science, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and is one of three Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) supercomputing user facilities in the United States.
The purpose of OUG is to provide advice and feedback to the OLCF on the current and future state of OLCF operations and services. OUG is to promote the effective use of the high performance computing facilities at the OLCF by sharing information about experiences in using the facility. The OUG also serves in an advisory capacity to help determine the computational requirements and needs of the DOE Office of Science community. OUG will maintain communications through appropriate means, such as regular meetings, electronic mailing lists, and webpages.

All principal investigators and users on approved OLCF user projects are OUG members, and will remain so for three years following the conclusion of their OLCF project. OLCF will provide staff and administrative resources to facilitate the meetings and other business of the OUG.

OUG Executive Board
A Chair, Vice-Chair, and an Executive Board will represent the OUG. The board members are to serve as advocates for the OLCF User Group and represent the interests of the OLCF user community. Nominations, including self-nominations, will be accepted for the OUG Executive Board positions. Length of elected appointments will be for three years. There will be no term limits.
The Chair of OUG is responsible for convening the Executive Board at regular intervals, and assures that OUG can carry out its mission effectively. OUG Executive Board in-person meetings will be held at least once a year and more frequently as required. OUG Executive Board conference calls will be held monthly.
The Vice-Chair will take on the Chair’s responsibilities, whenever the Chair is not available. Neither the Chair nor Vice-Chair may be an OLCF-funded/affiliated ORNL employee. The Vice-Chair will be elected every year by the executive board. The Vice-Chair will ascend to the position of Chair at the end of one year. Should an exiting Chair be at the end of the Executive Board term, the Chair will remain an ex officio member of the board for one year after his/her tenure as Chair.

Task Forces and Working Groups
When appropriate, the Executive Board will appoint task forces and working groups to address specific topics. The Executive Board will name the subcommittee membership, the responsible lead of the subcommittee, and its charge. The membership may include persons outside OUG. Such subcommittees should regularly report back to OUG Executive Board at its general meetings.

Addendum to the Charter for Active Committees of the Executive Board

OLCF Applications Requirements
The OUG Executive Board will appoint a task force responsible for contributing to the development of the OLCF application requirement document. This document, prepared by the OLCF, will detail the hardware, software, infrastructure, and training needs of the OLCF User community, and will help the OLCF and the DOE Office of Science in the planning process for the OLCF facility.

The OUG Executive Board will appoint a meetings working group. The meetings working group is responsible for contributing to the planning and hosting of the annual OLCF User Meeting, in collaboration with the OLCF. As part of the annual User Meeting, the OUG Executive Board will convene an OUG general business meeting.

Training Working Group
The OUG Executive Board will establish a training working group. The responsibility of this working group is to communicate user needs in the area of training to the OLCF.