2020 OLCF GPU Hackathon (Virtual)
October 19, 26-28, 2020
Deadline to apply: August 9, 2020
Questions? Contact Tom Papatheodore (papatheodore@ornl.gov)

About the Hackathon
The OLCF’s annual GPU hackathon is multi-day coding event in which teams of developers prepare their own application(s) to run on GPUs or focus on optimizing their application(s) that currently run on GPUs. Teams typically consist of three or more developers who are intimately familiar with (some part of) their application, and they work alongside two mentors with GPU programming expertise. These hackathon offers a unique opportunity for teams to set aside time for development, surround themselves with experts in the field, and push toward their development goals. During the event, teams will have access to the OLCF’s Ascent training system (same node architecture as Summit). The OLCF hackathon is one of a series of events that we co-organize with NVIDIA each year.

During the Hackathon
Typically, these hackathons are in-person events, where each team (app developers + mentors) sits at their own round table in a single large conference room. This structure allows teams to hack away on their own codes, but also to interact (ask questions, give advice, etc.) with members/mentors from other teams when needed.

To recreate this environment in a virtual setting, we will be using Zoom + Slack. Zoom will be used as the main online tool due to its breakout room capabilities; there will be a single Zoom session, where the main room will be used for presentations, and breakout rooms will be used by individual teams (for screen sharing and verbal communication). We will also set up a Slack workspace for communication between all participants, and individual team channels for communication within teams (chat, sharing code snippets, etc.). With this structure, we have already held successful events at San Diego Supercomputer Center and Princeton University, and we’ll be holding other virtual events at NERSC (July) and Brookhaven National Laboratory (August).

A rough agenda for the OLCF GPU hackathon is as follows…

Date Agenda Items
October 19 (9 AM – 5 PM (ET)) Day 1 of hackathon (single “preparation day”)

  • Overview of Ascent, overview of online tools, and team introduction presentations
  • Then teams work with mentors to profile codes and finalize goals for the following weeks
  • At the end of the day, teams give update presentations
  • Teams work together online via Slack over the next week (where possible)
    October 26 – 28 (9 AM – 5 PM (ET)) Days 2 – 4 of the hackathon

  • Three full days of working with team using online tools
  • Team update presentations in the mornings (October 26-27)
  • Final team presentations at the end of the day on October 28

  • How to Apply
    Teams must submit a short proposal form describing their application and team. After the call closes, the organizing committee will review all proposals and select the teams they believe are best suited for the event. To submit a proposal, please fill out this external form.

    If you have any questions, please contact Tom Papatheodore (papatheodore@ornl.gov).