Weeklong workshop geared to users of Jaguar and Kraken

The OLCF will be hosting Spring Training March 7-11, 2011

Users of ORNL’s Cray XT5 supercomputers will get an opportunity to hone their supercomputing skills this March at a weeklong “Spring Training” planned at ORNL.

The event will run from March 7–11, offering training opportunities for expert users and novices alike, and will culminate on Friday with the annual OLCF Users’ Meeting. The training is being sponsored by two ORNL centers, the OLCF, home to the Jaguar system, and the National Institute for Computational Sciences (NICS), home to the Kraken system.

Supercomputing novices will benefit from the High-Performance Computing Crash Course offered Monday and Tuesday. It will be taught by Rebecca Hartman-Baker and Arnold Tharrington from the OLCF, with Monday’s session focusing on Linux and Tuesday’s focusing on the MPI (for message-passing interface) communications protocol.

More advanced users will be interested in Wednesday and Thursday workshops focusing on the Cray XT5 and led by OLCF and NICS staff. According to Bobby Whitten of the OLCF, Wednesday’s workshop is geared to intermediate users, while Thursday’s will be for both intermediate and advanced users.

Friday will be devoted to the OLCF Users’ Meeting. Users will hear from OLCF group leaders and the facility’s User Council. Liaisons from the center’s Scientific Computing Group will also address the meeting.

According to Whitten, the meeting will be open to users offsite through the WebEx online conferencing tool. He said organizers hope meeting software will boost overall attendance.

“If overall participation increases, I don’t think we really care if it’s in-person participation or distance participation,” he noted.

If there is enough demand, Whitten said, the weeklong training may be offered summer and fall as well.

For more information on the Spring Training see www.olcf.ornl.gov/event/olcf-nics-springtraining