ATS Seminar Series: Debbie Bard

The Advanced Technologies Section (ATS) of the National Center for Computational Sciences at ORNL is a world leader in developing and deploying scientific and technical solutions for leadership-class computing environments. The R&D activities of ATS are organized around designing and deploying leadership class systems, developing artificial intelligence solutions for science and smart facilities of the future, and stewardship of data and workflows at scale to enable science. The ATS Seminar Series is a forum for learning from experts and engaging with collaborators to advance their scientific mission.


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Supercomputing and the Scientist: How HPC and Large-scale Data Analytics are Transforming Experimental Science

Computing has been an important part of the scientists toolkit for decades, but the increasing volume and complexity of scientific datasets is transforming the way we think about the use of computing for experimental science. DOE supercomputing facilities have begun to expand services and provide new capabilities in support of experiment workflows via powerful computing, storage and networking system. In this talk I will discuss the Superfacility concept – a framework for integrating experimental and observational instruments with computational and data facilities at NERSC.

I will introduce how supercomputing at NERSC is being leveraged in experimental science to change the way we collect and analyze data in fields as diverse as particle physics, cosmology, materials science and structural biology. Through case studies and real-life challenges, I will describe the science requirements that are driving our work, and how this translates into technical innovations in data management, scheduling, networking and automation. In particular, I will focus on the new ways experimental scientists are accessing HPC facilities, and the implications for future system design.


Debbie Bard

Group Leader, Data Science Engagement Group, National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC)

Debbie Bard is a physicist and data scientist with more than 15 years of experience in scientific computing, both as a physicist and HPC expert. Her career spans research in particle physics, cosmology and computing, with a common theme of using supercomputing for scalable data analytics. She currently leads the Data Science Engagement Group at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC), supporting HPC for users of the DOE’s experimental and observational facilities. Debbie also leads the Superfacility project, a cross-discipline project of over 30 researchers and engineers that is coordinating research and development to support computing for experimental science at LBNL.


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Oct 11 2021


Eastern Daylight Time, UTC−04:00
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm




Arjun Shankar
(865) 574-2704


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