Project Description

This project focuses on developing a detailed understanding of supercritical fluid phenomena relevant to injection, mixing, and combustion of propellants under the high-pressure, highly-turbulent conditions of advanced propulsion and power systems. The goal is to establish an improved understanding of turbulent multiphase injection, mixing, and combustion processes at the high-pressure, high-Reynolds-number conditions encountered in advanced propulsion and power systems (e.g., liquid rocket, gas turbine, and reciprocating internal combustion engines).
In a prior INCITE project, Oefelein’s team performed a series of staging studies to verify the performance and accuracy of the coupled system of submodels required for LOX/CH4 mixing layer calculations. This project uses the marked improvement in speed and capacity provided by the OLCF Summit platform to establish new databases with increased detail in both physics and dimensionality at the same high-pressure, high-Reynolds-number conditions present in actual engines.
In the 2020 INCITE project, Oefelein’s team will perform direct numerical simulations (DNS) of LOX/CH4 mixing layer dynamics at supercritical pressures and investigate trends from these. In addition, the team will perform hybrid DNS and large eddy simulations (LES) of LOX/H2 and LOX/CH4 shear-coaxial and swirl-coaxial injection processes with acoustic excitation and LES of transverse instabilities in a multielement laboratory-scale combustion chamber.

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