Project Description

Walker-Loud’s team will perform lattice quantum chromodynamics calculations relevant to the broader nuclear physics community and the search for new physics. Building on the progress the team made in calculations of nucleon structure and two-nucleon interactions on Summit, combined with state-of-the-art techniques in two-particle spectroscopy, the team will conclude its study of the nucleon axial form factor and calculate two-nucleon scattering phase shifts at mπ ~ 200 MeV.
It is widely believed that computing finite volume spectra using correlation matrix methods with variationally-optimized operators, which has been highly successful for calculations of mesonic scattering, will be necessary to resolve discrepancies and reliably control systematics in the two-nucleon system. These calculations will be unprecedented and crucial for the interpretation of several high-profile experiments utilizing nuclei in the search for new physics, as well as the broader goal of understanding nuclear physics from first principles.

Allocation History

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