Project Description

Engines for future industrial power and heat generation, ground transport of freight, and propulsion are pushing the boundaries of technology to obtain greater efficiency, reduced emissions, reduced signatures, and increased reliability. Specifically, at limiting ignition, flame propagation, and flame stabilization conditions, combustion is governed by strong “turbulence-chemistry” interactions spanning a wide range of aerothermochemical conditions and coupled with multiphase spray physics.

Chen’s team plans to continue work that was started in previous INCITE allocations, performing direct numerical simulations (DNS) of turbulent premixed spray autoignition in jet flames, varying the ambient temperature. The team will also perform DNS of turbulent premixed high-Karlovitz-number piloted jet flames at more intense turbulence conditions than was feasible in the past.
The team will initially target a lean methane air premixed jet flame at a Reynolds number of 21,079 based on recent experiments as part of a parameter study, with the Reynolds number based on an earlier DNS study in the same configuration. A significant portion of the effort
will be to explore the use and fidelity of DNS in principal component (PC) composition space. If successful, this new approach of transporting PCs rather than species and temperature in reacting flow DNS will lead to enormous computational savings by as much as two orders of magnitude. The team will use the DNS data generated from the premixed flame to construct the set of in situ–derived PCs and to tabulate their transport properties and reaction rates.

Allocation History

Source Hours Start Date End Date
DOE ALCC PROGRAM5,0002023-07-012024-06-30
DOE ALCC PROGRAM1,150,0002023-07-012024-06-30
DOE ALCC PROGRAM5,0002022-07-012023-06-30
DOE ALCC PROGRAM400,0002022-07-012023-07-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM5,0002020-12-082021-01-29
DOE INCITE PROGRAM600,0002020-01-012021-01-29
DOE INCITE PROGRAM5,0002020-01-012021-01-29
DOE INCITE PROGRAM1,500,0002019-01-012019-07-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM641,0002019-01-012019-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM5,0002019-01-012019-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM80,000,0002018-01-012018-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM2,350,0002018-01-012018-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM5,0002018-01-012018-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM5,0002017-01-012017-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM10,000,0002017-01-012017-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM50,000,0002017-01-012017-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM2,350,0002016-01-012016-12-30
DOE INCITE PROGRAM96,000,0002016-01-012016-12-30
DOE INCITE PROGRAM5,0002016-01-012016-12-30
DOE INCITE PROGRAM106,000,0002015-01-012015-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM5,0002015-01-012015-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM2,350,0002015-01-012015-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM50,0002014-01-062014-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM2,350,0002014-01-012014-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM106,000,0002014-01-012014-12-31