Project Description

This project uses supercomputers at Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility to tackle some of the most challenging problems in nanoscience research. In particular, it will study the electron localization in nanosystems from colloidal quantum dots to piezoelectric materials, and to two dimensional materials. The understanding of their electronic structures will help to use these nanosystems to optical and electronic applications. It will also study the mechanical properties of bulk Al due to ultrafine grain formations, which is an important question for this widely used light weight metal. Finally, it will also develop a method to calculate the high order many body perturbation theory which can significantly increase our accuracy to predict the material properties by first principle calculations.

Allocation History

Source Hours Start Date End Date
DOE INCITE PROGRAM1,500,0002019-01-012019-07-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM60,0002019-01-012020-01-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM30,0002019-01-012020-01-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM30,000,0002019-01-012019-07-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM27,000,0002018-01-012018-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM5,0002018-01-012018-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM2,350,0002018-01-012018-12-31
OLCF DIRECTOR'S DISCRETIONARY PROGRAM1,000,0002017-07-122017-12-31
OLCF DIRECTOR'S DISCRETIONARY PROGRAM2,000,0002017-07-122017-12-31
DOE ALCC PROGRAM5,0002016-07-012017-06-30
DOE ALCC PROGRAM30,000,0002016-07-012017-06-30
DOE ALCC PROGRAM2,350,0002016-07-012017-06-30
OLCF DIRECTOR'S DISCRETIONARY PROGRAM2,000,0002016-02-022016-06-30
OLCF DIRECTOR'S DISCRETIONARY PROGRAM6,000,0002016-02-012016-06-30
DOE INCITE PROGRAM2,350,0002015-01-012016-01-29
DOE INCITE PROGRAM25,000,0002015-01-012016-01-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM5,0002015-01-012016-01-29
DOE INCITE PROGRAM50,0002014-01-062014-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM25,000,0002014-01-012014-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM2,350,0002014-01-012014-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM25,000,0002013-01-012013-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM10,000,0002012-01-012012-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM10,000,0002011-01-012011-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM9,000,0002010-01-012010-12-31
DOE INCITE PROGRAM2,000,0002009-01-012009-12-31